Seattle Seahawks Re-Sign Doug Baldwin


Seattle’s receiving core just got a little stronger.  Official reports have come down that Doug Baldwin has agreed to a three-year contact extension.

Baldwin was a key piece to the Seahawks offense last year.  He caught 50 passes for 778 yards and found the end zone five times.  His personal stats steadily rose from the 2012 to the 2013 season.

Keep in mind, Doug Baldwin had to step up in a big way after the injuries to both Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin left the ‘Hawks depleted at WR.  He proved, again, that when his number is called, he will always answer.

In fact, Baldwin was especially offended when people questioned whether the backup receivers could perform at a high level for Seattle.  One Super Bowl later, those questions have been answered.

Now if there was any doubt about whether or not Seattle could keep their elite team together, it seems as though it’s safe to believe that they can.  Golden Tate was the one guy the Seahawks lost unexpectedly.  The Seahawks went out during the draft to fill that void, and locking up Doug Baldwin certainly helps as well.

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