Seattle Seahawks News: Should Richard Sherman Be on the Cover of Madden 15?


The Seattle Seahawks may get another player on the cover of the popular Madden video game. Specifically, Richard Sherman has reached the semi-finals of the fan-selected contest. Is that a good thing?

Fans can certainly celebrate the fact that Seahawks players are getting some publicity in an NFL universe that can sometimes be biased to the east coast and certain franchises like the Dallas Cowboys, even when they aren’t any good. Sherman is a unique talent, and he deserves to be recognized. Of course, there is one problem.

The “curse.”

For those that are new to this, urban legend suggests that players who end up on the cover of Madden tend to experience a level of football tragedy after being bestowed with this particular honor. There have been a number of examples of this “phenomenom” over the years. Former Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander was a supposed “victim” of the curse after he was put on the cover in 2007.

A statistician would have a hard time making a correlation between the cover and the reality that injuries can and do occur. However, it makes for a good story and it lends an air of intrigue to the process.

Sherman must now go up against Colin Kaepernick in the semi-finals, which has a particular irony when you think about the NFC Championship game. Someone at the home office was thinking ahead about pairings.

In the other bracket, Cam Newton goes up against Andrew Luck. For those of you scoring at home, that is three quarterbacks and one cornerback. Which of these things is not like the other?

Will fans who have a disdain for Sherman vote for him in the hopes that the curse is real? If you think about it, that would not be surprising. Even San Francisco 49ers fans might click on Sherman’s name.

If you want to vote, you can do so here. If not, vote for someone else and hope that you shielded Richard Sherman from the wrath of the mystical video game cover.

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