Seahawks Rumors: What’s New With Jermichael Finley?


So there is this rumor going around about how Jermichael Finley could end up in Minnesota.  Pump your brakes, Vikings fans, it was just a simple tweet that in all reality didn’t hint toward anything except that maybe Finley was in a hotel room in the Twin Cities.

Here are a couple of quick reminders about Finley that need to be re-looked at before everyone begins to fly off the handle about this Finley to Minnesota business.  First of all, keep in mind that the Green Bay Packers organization made it very clear recently that they would love to have their prized TE back, should he be able to clear medical waivers.  Speaking of medical waivers, that is the reason why Finley is not with a team right now, but the last team he was in serious talks with was the Seattle Seahawks.  Once the window to sign Finley came and went, officials representing the Seahawks said that they have high hopes to get a deal done once he can pass a physical.

While Finley would be a nice addition to Minnesota, the fact is that Seattle is a much better fit for a player like him.  He needs the ball in his hands to be truly effective, but he is not a #1 passing option.  He is a solid blocker, and his size is truly intimidating.  Remind you of anyone?  Try Zach Miller.  Running a two-tight end set with Miller and Finley would be devastating to opposing defenses.  Again, he is a TE who likes to receive the ball.  Who would you rather have throwing your way?  Russell Wilson or Teddy Bridgewater…or maybe Christian Ponder…or it could be Matt Cassel.

All of this, of course, is just speculation.  Fact of the matter is Finley has yet to be cleared to play for any team.  Right now the entire idea of Seattle obtaining Finley seems a bit far-fetched.  Then again, this Seahawks front office seems to know how to make any fantasy a reality.

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