Marshawn Lynch Skips Out On White House Visit


The Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks made their much-anticipated visit to the White House to receive honors from President Barak Obama.  There were smiles amongst everyone as President Obama shook hands with the players and tossed a few jokes around, showing his light-hearted spirit that can be refreshing in D.C.  As the team laughed amongst themselves enjoying the moment, there was one player missing from the group, something the President himself found amusing.

"“I am sorry that Marshawn’s not here because I just want to say how much I admire his approach to the press.”"

President Obama joked about Marshawn Lynch despite his absence.  It may not have been noticeable to anyone watching the event on TV that Lynch was missing had the President not pointed it out.  Surely, there must have been a reason why Lynch decided not to attend the event at the White House.  According to his mother he simply “didn’t want to go.”

Some people will twist their face and shake their head at the idea of passing up on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with the President of the United States.  In reality, however, you have to applaud Marshawn for sticking to his under-the-radar approach to any kind of media.  Obviously, what he lacks in appeal to the press he more than makes up for on the gridiron.  Marshawn Lynch is no Rubik’s cube.  Getting inside the mindset of Beast Mode is simple; He’s just about that action, boss.

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