Seattle Seahawks 2014 Projected Starters: The Core Remains


Everyone will be gunning for the Seattle Seahawks in 2014 after Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Percy Harvin and the Legion of Boom brought home Seattle’s first title. Bring ’em on.

Whenever a team wins a championship, there will be immediate speculation as to whether that franchise can stay on top of the mountain. In the NFL, free agency and the draft are particularly scrutinized as championship-caliber teams like the Seahawks look to reload.

The Seahawks did lose some personnel, as players like Golden Tate decided to take advantage of offers from other teams that were more lucrative. This is understandable since sports isn’t always personal. It is just business.

There are plenty of critics who will suggest that the Seahawks lost too many players to stay on top. Gregg Rosenthal of recently put together a projected starting lineup for the 2014 Seahawks, and there are some holes.

However, when you look at the projected starting lineup, there is a basic reality that stands out. The core remains.

Winning in the NFL is about depth, and that may be where the Seahawks get hurt over a long, grueling season. That said, the star power is still there, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.

As noted by Rosenthal:

"The Seahawks think years ahead with their moves. Guys like Christine Michael and Robert Turbin will be in place when Marshawn Lynch moves on. No team does a better job of developing previous unknowns to be ready when their name is called. Byron Maxwell is a great example of this “draft and develop” system working."


There are question marks, particularly when you think about the right side of the offensive line and the health of Sidney Rice. However, the Seahawks have shown that they can find key talent in the draft.

One thing that Rosenthal may have gotten wrong is this statement:

"The Seahawks didn’t have a draft pick until No. 46, and they had only two picks in the top 105. Translation: They probably won’t get a lot of help from this rookie class."

When are people going to learn that the Seahawks don’t need high draft picks to succeed? Justin Britt, Paul Richardson and Kevin Norwood may surprise some people.

It won’t be easy for the Seahawks to repeat as champions, but the core is largely intact. The talent is still there to chase another Lombardi Trophy and the ‘Hawks may prove the doubters wrong…again.

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