NFL Power Rankings: Seattle Seahawks Are Still #1


The Seattle Seahawks are still the best team in the league, at least according to an list.

The latest list apparently takes into account the drafting success and failure of each team, which includes the Super Bowl champion Seahawks. The Seahawks have received mixed reviews when it comes to their 2014 choices, but what else is new?

Pete Carroll and John Schneider are used to being doubted.

The list-maker (Elliot Harrison) does appear to be concerned that the Seahawks took a wide receiver in the second round (Paul Richardson) because Seattle seems to be the place where wideouts go to be unproductive. Harrison seems to have an issue with the fact that the Seahawks cannot produce 1,000-yard receivers.

Since when do big-number receivers lead to wins?

Perhaps I am taking a simple approach to football strategy, but this shortcoming did not seem to hurt the Seahawks last season. All year it seemed like the media was unimpressed with the Seattle receivers. Seems like they ended up okay.

Isn’t it better when a quarterback can spread the ball around to a lot of people? Seven players had double-digit receptions in 2013. Isn’t it better when a quarterback like Russell Wilson can share the ball and keep defenses guessing?

Admittedly, these rankings don’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of NFL life. The top team can get beat and a franchise that is far down the list can quickly rise up the rankings with just a few wins.

For now, the Seahawks are still on top, but we already knew that.

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