Rumor: GM John Schneider To Leave Seahawks?


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the NFL’s offseason, so naturally it’s that time of year for rumors to fly around every team.  For the Seattle Seahawks, the latest one is that GM John Schneider would be happier managing the Green Bay Packers, and is likely to make the move after the 2015 season.

This news, of course, would be devastating to any Seahawks fan out there, as Mr.Schneider and Pete Carroll took their team from the bottom to the top, and are now reigning Super Bowl champions.  It would certainly come as a blow to Pete Carroll, who basically hand selected Schneider from a list of candidates for the GM job. Since then, they have built an airtight friendship, something every franchise hopes will develop between their head coach and leader in the front office.  So why would Schneider want to leave?

Well, for one, he is from Wisconsin. He has also been heard saying that it would be his “dream job.” Finally, unlike in Seattle, he would have the final say on all of the personnel decisions.  Many NFL analysts are not ruling out his option to go to Green Bay when his contract in Seattle comes to a close.

Sure, Green Bay might have been the dream job for him, but he had said this before he and his current team captured the Lombardi trophy. Let’s just be honest, that is the ultimate dream.  Would any football guru really trade in a chance to win multiple rings with a team he put together for a plane ticket back to his home state?

Not to undermine what the Packers have been doing over the last several years, but look at what the Seahawks have.  They possess a young, talented QB that demands his teams respect, a defense that strikes fear into the hearts of opposing offenses, one of the most prolific coaches in the game, and a brand new Super Bowl champions title.

No, the chances of John Schneider packing his bags and heading home are slim to none.  While I am not going to completely rule it out, it is worth noting that he appears to be extremely comfortable in the great northwest.

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