Seattle Mariners: A New Day, a New Life


Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Just a couple of weeks into the season it is already beginning to feel like a bit of a roller-coaster ride.

One series sweep, and the Mariners are kings of the world. After one of our better starts in years, the following week brought a very quick drop in batting average and multiple losses. However, in the last game of the A’s series we found ourselves one win away from retaking the lead in the AL West. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to witness my beloved Mariners take the top spot away from a divisional rival.

Not only did we lose that game, we could hardly even hit the ball, which was a much different feel from all the games we had played with the Angels. It was honestly hard to watch, and what was even worse was the buzz going around the social media after the game.

People saying we were back to our losing ways. People already questioning management…and so forth. It was as if the games we had so far won in a very dominant fashion had never happened, just because of a couple bad losses. Yes, I will admit the drastic statistical drops scare even me, and I am definitely one of the more optimistic fans out there. But being the optimist that I am, I prefer to look at the bad games as a fluke.

The glass of Mariners baseball is not half empty, it is half full.

As long as we have a positive record, which is something we have not seen in years, it is not fair to throw in the towel just yet, especially when these slumps come against great teams. The A’s are one of the most solid clubs when it comes to pitching. Believe me when I say we are not the only team that is going to have a three-hit game against the A’s.

The Mariners are a stronger team offensively this year. Those games against the Angels are not the only examples either. We bounced right back in our first game against the Rangers, scoring seven runs. So if we keep scoring huge against poor pitching staffs, and not too well against great pitching staffs, I think it’s fair to say we are at least middle-of-the-pack offensively.

When Hisashi Iwakuma is healthy again we’ll have one of the best one-two punches in all of baseball, and one of the better rotations.

I think most people could agree an average offensive club with a stellar rotation is a pretty good threat.

So don’t give up Mariners fans, it’s not over yet!

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