Seattle Seahawks: What Should We Pay Jared Allen?


Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

By now the all of the twists, turns, and false confirmation of Jared Allen signing with the Seattle Seahawks is not news to anyone.

But what remains on everyone’s mind, until more news breaks, is what team he will choose to sign with over the weekend, and if he chooses the Seahawks, how much did we offer him?

I’ve heard many different opinions and reactions to the potential signing of Jared Allen, and I am one who remains ecstatic at the idea of Jared Allen making the league’s best defense even better. Most negative thoughts on the idea continue to be, “would it be too expensive?” And the outcome of it being too expensive would leave us with too little cap space to re-sign a few of ours stars next year, like Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas, and Richard Sherman, whose contracts will expire after next season.

However Pete Carroll and John Schneider have rebuilt the Seahawks from the ground up, to be world champions. They know the in’s and out’s of this team. They drafted our stars back when no one thought they could achieve what they now have, because they were some of the few who knew they could. So I have no doubt in my mind that our coaches would never jeopardize re-signing them. They know what they are to this team, and franchise.

With that being said, isn’t that why they cut Red Bryant? Or was it more that he just wasn’t honestly worth what he was due? Statistically speaking I’d agree he wasn’t. But he was a leader of this team, and certainly has chemistry with everyone. While  Jared Allen statistically is a large improvement over Bryant, that it something he could most likely not give this team right from the get go. So then, what is he really worth to us? What did we offer him? I’ve heard some people say they expected us to offer him about $14 million over two years, so $7 million a year. Is he worth signing at I believe $1 million less than what Bryant was due this year? I believe so, but is signing Allen a hypocritical move?

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