Seattle Seahawks: The Season to Remember


Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is a photo I have waited my entire life to see. But, that is something I should have said after the 2005 season, regardless of the fact that I was nine when the Seattle Seahawks made their first Super Bowl appearance.

Now before I stray, the point of this article is not to complain about what should have been. Instead, it is to celebrate the first Super Bowl victory for the Seahawks, which in a way I am glad occurred in the 2013 season and not the 2005 season.

Now that is not to say I am in any way glad that the Seahawks lost that season. I have many strong things to say about how we were cheated. But let’s agree no future Super Bowl victory could be quite like this year’s. We will never have another “first” Lombardi trophy. That is just a fact.

As I stated above, I was nine years old when the Seahawks made their first Super Bowl appearance. If we won that game, my memory of our first Super Bowl victory would not, and could not, compare to the memories made this season. Partly because now being almost 18 I was able to drive myself to Seattle, and experience the city-wide celebration.  That is something huge I would have missed out on at the age of nine. My story of the season to remember would have been much less involved, and a much cloudier memory.

But, most importantly, when I was nine I did not experience going to three different games, one being this year’s NFC Championship game. That was an experience I will never forget, and it is incredible to realize I had witnessed, and was a part of, history. Also, the personality of this Seahawks team helped create that history.

So many players this year had personality and we have multiple players with amazing stories. You start with Richard Sherman‘s story of growing up in Compton, or one of his many dramatic interviews/call outs. Or, you think about Derrick Coleman being the NFL’s first legally deaf player. Then there is the intense inspiration always radiating from Quarterback Russell Wilson. Even the complete lack of media and social interaction with Marshawn Lynch was an interesting story.

Whatever it is, there is something amazing and noteworthy everywhere you turn on this Seahawks team. Even with all the attention this team got, they always played with a chip on their shoulder. Even when favored to win they often played like underdogs.

With a team composed of many late draft picks who have far exceeded expectations, they began to get the reputation of a team of misfits. Well these “misfits” proved what they knew all along, that they were champions. These are all more reasons why I feel this was a more exciting first Super Bowl win.

In 2005 there was no Legion of Boom, no outspoken corner and no third-round quarterback who was “too short for the NFL.” To me it would have lacked the all-around excitement that was around every turn this year. That is why this season was the best season for our first Lombardi trophy, and the season to remember.

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