Seattle Mariners News: Taijuan Walker is Fine…for Now


Feb 13, 2014; Peoria, AZ, USA; Seattle Mariners pitcher Taijuan Walker throws during team workouts at Peoria Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners (and the fans) had a brief moment of panic when Taijuan Walker experienced pain in his shoulder last week. After all, the “Prince of Taijuan” is one of the more heavily-hyped prospects in all of baseball.

It would be very bad news for the franchise if this guy starting having issues with his shoulder. There is a lot at stake for the Mariners.

Thankfully, the news is better after Walker threw a bullpen session without pain or discomfort. Crisis averted?

If only the fans could feel reassured.

Walker is a big part of the future, or at least he is supposed to be. Baseball remains a game that is driven by pitching. The Mariners have all the makings of a powerful staff if Walker can join Felix Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma and James Paxton to form a dynamic rotation.

If Walker turns out to be what everyone hopes, the Mariners could have two aces on their staff. Granted, it could take a couple of years for the youngster to develop. Walker is still only 21, and likely has some growing to do. Thankfully, he has King Felix to guide him.

To be certain, 25 pitches in the bullpen does not mean that all is well with Walker’s health going forward. This is a situation that is likely to be monitored very closely by management as the spring unfold.

Here’s hoping that Walker stays on the mound. A lot is riding on that talented shoulder.

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