Seattle Mariners: Jesus Montero Does Not Have a Role


Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The sad story of Jesus Montero continues. Once upon a time, the Seattle Mariners had high hopes for the young prospect when he came over from the New York Yankees in the trade for Michael Pineda. Unfortunately, the Mariners discovered that Montero is not a good catcher. He struggled at the plate, got hurt and ultimately received a 50-game suspension for PED use.

Not a good 2013 season.

Is Montero due for a comeback? Perhaps. However, there is one small problem. He may not have a position.

Catcher? Not so much. The jury may still be out on Mike Zunino, but it seems unlikely that Montero would get put back behind the dish.

First base or DH? Sure, but get in line. The Mariners seem to be collected guys that may end up in a default 1B/DH role. Justin Smoak. Corey Hart. Logan Morrison. Certainly Hart and Morrison could play the outfield, but they both have suspect knees. I sense a revolving platoon.

Outfield? Oh, why not. Montero and Dustin Ackley can compete for the worst outfielders on the team.

What are Montero’s odds of making this team? Not particularly good at this point, unless someone gets hurt or several players do not play up to par. Truthfully, Montero has one skill that may earn him a spot.

His bat.

This is obviously the case with most players, but given Montero’s limited defensive prowess, his purported hitting ability may be his only ticket for success. At one point, Montero was considered a genuine talent with the lumber. Therefore, Montero has to have a hot spring.

A hot spring. Not a .250 spring training. A .400 month of March with a number of home runs.

Trade value? I’m going to say slim to none. There is a certain reputation that goes along with being a top prospect with the New York Yankees, but that value has long diminished.

Slow-to-progress prospect with the Seattle Mariners has less curb appeal. Just sayin’.

Fans are still going to root for the guy to succeed. After all, the Mariners gave up their own top prospect to get him. While Pineda has not exactly had a huge career in New York, you still want to get value for a trade.

Swing away, Mr. Montero. Hope 2014 is a better year for you.

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