BCS Championship Game: A Seattle Seahawks Perspective


Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to the Florida State Seminoles, who just won the BCS “Championship.” Now, let us state the obvious. The BCS does not produce a “champion.” When the final game of the season is an invite-only event where the two teams are selected based on a subjective list, that is called an “exhibition.”

And don’t talk to me about the computers.

To crown a champion, you need a playoff. Before you tell me that all will be well next year when the BCS has a “playoff,” let us keep in mind that there will only be four teams and those schools will also be invited…by a committee.

That’s what the NFL should have…a selection committee.

Next year, college football will have the same problem with a slightly larger pool. I’m sure the No.5 team in the nation will be more than happy to be passed over.

Now, let us take this fabulous system and imagine what it might look like if it were applied to the NFL. If the NFL used the BCS selection system, the Seattle Seahawks would be heading to the Super Bowl.

As in, right now.

Russell Wilson would not need to prepare for Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints this Saturday. Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers would not be a problem. There would be no reason to worry about the white-hot San Francisco 49ers, led by Colin Kaepernick. Instead, the Seahawks could celebrate their position at the top the “rankings” and they could immediately book their flights to New York after Week 17.

Wild cards? Out. Lesser divisional champs? Book your tee times. The up-minded San Diego Chargers? Sorry. Enjoy the NFL equivalent of the Sun Bowl.

Ridiculous, right? Who would tolerate such a system?

We have tolerated it for years. It is called college football.

Don’t get me wrong. It would be great if the Seahawks could skip the early rounds of the playoffs and head straight for the championship game. If the Seahawks can get through the NFC, they may have faced the toughest foes in the NFL. This isn’t to say that the AFC is a bunch of pushovers, but there are arguably more power teams in the NFC. Who wouldn’t want to skip all of that mayhem?

Again, this may seem like a strange comparison to some people. However,  when you look at the drama and majesty of the NFL playoffs, it is hard to imagine why the folks who make decisions in college football haven’t figured out a better structure.

Enjoy the rest of the NFL playoffs, a system that actually results in a champion.

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