Seattle Seahawks Getting Healthy At Right Time


Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are not in perfect health, but at this point in the season things could be a lot worse. When people talk about how good a team is “on paper,” they are usually referring to two concepts. One concept is that no matter how talented a team is, they still need to execute in games. The other concept is that “on paper” only applies as long as the players can stay on the field.

In 2013, the Seahawks have had their share of injuries. The biggest challenge was the offensive line, which required some serious duct tape work in the middle of the season. Also, the injury issues with Percy Harvin have been an ongoing story, even if the Seahawks have won without him.

The key players have stayed healthy. Despite taking a few too many hits, Russell Wilson has stayed upright. Marshawn Lynch has staying on the field, even with his pounding style. The defense has weathered the loss of K.J. Wright and Brandon Browner. Russell Okung is back after being lost for many weeks.

This is why NFL people will point to depth as a key part of winning. It isn’t just about a few stars. Winning is about backups and in some cases the talent of third-string players.

As the Seahawks prepare to host the New Orleans Saints, the roster is coming together nicely. Percy Harvin may actually make an appearance. Luke Willson, after going down with a scary-looking injury is back at practice. Jermaine Kearse should be back for the game against the Saints.

Obviously, not everyone is healthy. It would be nice to have K.J. Wright back, but signs point to him returning the following week if the Seahawks can beat Drew Brees again.

Granted, the Seahawks are one bad hit away from losing a key player, but that is life in the NFL. Again, the injury report at this point in the year could be a lot longer. To reach the Super Bowl, the Seahawks need to keep that list very short.

So far, so good. Stay healthy, my friends.

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