Hawk Fans, Who Do You Want More?

Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports /

It is that time of the year again where we all have butterflies in our stomach hoping for a relaxed road to New York. We are the point of the Seahawks Super Bowl run where we sit back and wait for the next team to fall to the communication graveyard of Century Link Field. We all know the CLINK’s noise has a huge impact on team’s communication and many more “normal” aspects of today’s game. With that said, which team do we want in the 2nd Round of the playoffs? Here is my opinion (take for what it’s worth) of the selling points of either the Green Bay Packers or San Francisco 49ers.

San Francisco 49ers: I really want to see Kaepernick get leveled out on Century Link Field. I get very excited about Kaepernick having a horrible game against us just like he did back in September. The Seahawks defense held the 49ers to zero touchdowns and one field goal during their last trip to Seattle. They were also held to 127 yards passing in a 29-3 blowout. When the Hawks visited the falling apart Candlestick Park they only lost by two points. On the other side of the stick, I really don’t want to lose to the 49ers because I couldn’t withstand a whole off-season hating the 49ers that much. I know we beat them in local fan base also. The 49er fans don’t even compare to Seahawks fans. As many of you already know a billboard in Fife, WA was paid for by a few 49er fans showing the five Superbowl rings obtained in the past, including the last one won in the 1994 Season. That’s right 1994…only 19 years ago. Way to go Niner Fans! Next time, just donate the 8k to the new Levi’s Stadium instead of wasting my attention and the rest of the Pacific Northwest as we drive through Fife.

Green Bay Packers: I don’t have a lot to say about Green Bay, but Aaron Rodgers makes me nervous as he plays more and more since his 7-game collarbone injury. Although they have homefield advantage this Sunday against the 49ers, their “high powered” offense did mediocre against a dismal Chicago defense last Sunday. Rodgers lack of game participation over the past few weeks is the only thing that makes Green Bay desirable for the Hawks to play in the 2nd Round. The noise and the pressing defense the Hawks bring to every game would have a big wake up call to Green Bay’s passing game and ideally force them to an one-centric style of game play. The Packers are 4-4 on the road this season and one of the losses come to the 49ers when Rodgers was healthy. The Packers also have a notable player, Clay Matthews, out from a thumb surgery he had just recently. Overall, the Packers could be a pretty potent offense given the right tools and home field advantage. Too bad for them, the road to NY is through Seattle. The Fans at the CLINK will over power the communication and the play calls Rodgers would attempt to get out to his offense. If they are given the opportunity, the Legion of Boom would shut down the passing game completely and leave it to Eddie Lacy to carry them. Our front seven then would make them pay.

Based on what we know, who would you want to face in the 2nd round? My heart says the 49ers, just to rub it in. However, my head says Green Bay. This Sunday, I will carry on the tradition of rooting on any team facing the 49ers. Go Hawks!