Seahawks Schedule…What’s At Stake?


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3)Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

As we dwindle down to the final three games this season, I notice myself becoming excited for the playoffs. At the same time…can we clinch home field advantage already? I don’t want this to come down to the last game of the season against the Rams. I wanted to show the different scenarios of the next three weeks that can help us or hurt us in obtaining the home field advantage throughout he playoffs.

Week 15:

1st Goal: Seahawks beat Giants
2nd Goal: Saints lose to Rams…possible, but unlikely.

Even if the Saints beat the Rams, the Hawks still have a chance. This week would be a wash in terms of win/loss columns.

3rd Goal: 49ers lose to Buccaneers

Week 16:

1st Goal: Seahawks beat Cardinals – If we beat the Cardinals and the 49 whiners, I mean the 49ers would no longer be contenders in the NFC West Title.

2nd Goal: 49ers lose to Falcons – unlikely, but possible.

3rd Goal: Saints lose to Panthers – I don’t want to see any of these teams in the playoffs, but I need the Panthers to win this game.

Week 17:

1st Goal: Seahawks beat Rams – If we are sitting at a tie with the Saints at this point, it is a must win to obtain the home field advantage.

2nd Goal: Saints lose to Buccaneers – not happening, but one can hope.

Each week has different goals to reach the end goal of clinching the NFC West and clinching the best record in the NFC. The Seahawks can and will obtain this. Whether it is this weekend or next, it will be done! At this point, we want the Bucs to pull off some upsets again the Niners and Saints. If that doesn’t work, I mean the Hawks could just win.