2013 Seattle Seahawks: Team Is Overcoming All Obstacles


Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

When you look at what the Seattle Seahawks have accomplished in 2013, it is actually pretty amazing that the team is 11-1. It isn’t like the Seahawks have had to overcome insurmountable odds, but they have had their share of challenges. Certainly the talent is there, but you still need a certain number of things to go right in order to have this much success.

Consider some the obstacles that the Seahawks have dealt with this season:

Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini each spent some time on the injury list. The offensive line was pasted together with duct tape and bailing wire, but it survived.

Percy Harvin has basically been a bust in terms of return on investment in the short term. He was exciting to watch against the Minnesota Vikings, but he has yet to make a serious contribution.

Bruce Irvin was lost for the first four games of the year, but the defense has still been dominant.

Sidney Rice was lost for the year.

Walter Thurmond was suspended, and Brandon Browner was injured and then suspended. Granted, Browner’s future is still up in the air.

Seattle had to travel east and play some tough foes on the road. They have a 5-1 road record.

Meanwhile, Russell Wilson has made the “sophomore slump” look like a total myth. In addition, Marshawn Lynch has stayed upright and productive despite a running style that would have felled lesser men.

With apologies to Yoda, “serious resilience, this Seahawks team has.”

Are the Seahawks going to coast to a Super Bowl win? Obviously not. There is much work to do.

However, when you look at the way this season has unfolded, it could have gone a lot worse. This has been a special year, and the best may be yet to come.

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