Washington Huskies: Chris Petersen Hired As Next Coach


Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Huskies needed a new football coach now that Steve Sarkisian has departed for USC. Would Chris Petersen finally leave the confines of Boise State University and join the Pac-12?

That is apparently the case, as Petersen will reportedly be named the new head coach.

We had been down this road before, as Petersen has been a hot commodity for a number of seasons. However, Petersen seemed to be very happy with the Broncos, and they certainly seem to be satisfied with him.

There is nothing wrong with contentment and if Petersen was happy in Boise, good for him. And yet, he did allow his name to be part of selection processes for several years. Maybe that was just about keeping options open or meeting new people, but one had to wonder what it would take for him to leave.

What changed this time? Petersen’s decision may have come down to how he viewed Washington and their future as a football team. The Huskies do have a long, storied history in college football. Still, the landscape has changed.

For example, conferences like the SEC have convinced the national media that they are best in the country. This reputation persists even when the top teams play most of their games at home and fill their schedules with cupcakes and conference rivals that may or may not be reasonable competition.

The point is that many Washington fans are proud and hopeful, but also understand how they are viewed by the football world. If Petersen had gone to USC, he would have been under a much more powerful microscope. That isn’t to say that he will be free from scrutiny in Seattle, but he can build a successful program without unrealistic expectations.

Now, will Petersen be 92-12 with the Dawgs, like he was with Boise State? Probably not. But, if he went 8-4 for several seasons, would that be seen as success? It just might.

This happened pretty fast, but that is how the coaching game works in college football. Chris Petersen is coming into a program that has experienced solid success over the last few seasons.

Welcome to the program, Mr. Petersen. Make us proud.

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