MLB Rumors: Ellsbury Not Coming to Mariners, Cano Rumors Continue


Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Jacoby Ellsbury will not be joining the Seattle Mariners, but we kind of knew that already. While Ellsbury’s name had come up over the last couple of months, there were few signs that there was mutual interest. Instead, Ellsbury will be joining the New York Yankees for the bargain price of $153 million.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the signing of Ellsbury may close the door on negotiations between the Yanks and Robinson Cano. This will also add fuel to the Hot Stove as pundits suggest that the Mariners now have an opportunity to sweep in and grab the talented second baseman.

Frankly, I am still not buying that this is a reality. Are the Mariners really going to spend over $200 million on a long-term deal for a 31-year-old? This feels like the same movie we see every year. Stop me if you have heard this plot:

A struggling, forgotten baseball team works hard to re-establish relevancy in a competitive marketplace. Starring (in order of appearance): Prince Fielder, Josh Hamilton, and introducing Robinson Cano.

Of course, none of these actors ever appear on the set at Safeco Field and the script has to be re-written every year with a different actor. If I am wrong, then I am wrong, but it seems like Cano will end up with a team like the Washington Nationals.

Or, maybe there is a “mystery” team out there that will roll the dice on a big deal. At this point I am skeptical that the team writing the checks will be the Mariners.

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