Brandon Browner May Not Get Suspended


Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

After two drug suspensions in recent weeks, the Seattle Seahawks may catch a break. Brandon Browner might not get suspended after all.


Exactly. Are you confused yet? Last week this was a done deal. Browner was caught, busted, suspended and projected to be done with the Seahawks. Now there is news that circumstances may have changed.

If you compare this news to what came out last week, this is a crazy development. You have to assume that the fans quickly moved on from Browner after hearing about the suspension. Now, who knows?

Granted, it isn’t like he is going to suit up next week against the San Francisco 49ers. The NFL is most likely not going to let Browner completely off the hook. A four-game suspension still means that he doesn’t come back until after the first round of the playoffs.

However, wouldn’t it be interesting for the Seahawks if they could add Browner for a second playoff game, even if he was in a backup role? He would be a pretty talented backup.

This story is still unfolding, and there may be some strange twists and turns before it is over. Some details may never come out, particularly if Browner and the league keep the negotiations safely tucked behind closed doors. Clearly the whole story did not come out last week.

In summary, it appears that Brandon Browner may not be done with the Seahawks after all. He was on the sidelines for the game against the New Orleans Saints. If things go his way, he could actually get back onto the field in the future.

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