Brandon Browner Suspended, Likely Done With The Seattle Seahawks


Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are losing cornerbacks at an alarming rate. First it was Walter Thurmond getting suspended for four games. Now, the Seahawks have apparently lost Brandon Browner to his own suspension. According to reports, the suspension could be as long as a year.

This is the end of Browner’s season and quite possibly his career with the Seahawks. Unfortunately for Browner, he has just about everything working against him right now. Browner is currently hurt, will be suspended for a year and will turn 30 in August.

Not a great combination. Based on those factors, it is unlikely that the Seahawks would re-sign him.

There is no time for lament in the NFL, as the Seahawks have to move on. Clearly the team and fans will be disappointed with Browner, but unless there is a really intriguing explanation, he put himself and the team in jeopardy. Anger and frustration are normal feelings in this situation.

In terms of the impact on the team, are the Seahawks in trouble? Not yet, but this certainly doesn’t help. The ‘Hawks were already adjusting to life without Browner and they will get Thurmond back in a few weeks. Until then, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas may need to cover more ground.

There is also the reality that the rest of the NFL is most likely going to use this as a reason to critique the Seahawks as a franchise. Accusations of rampant drug use will be discussed in the next few days as fans and pundits pile on the ‘Hawks.

To be fair, some of this is deserved as Seattle has had their fair share of suspensions in the last few seasons. Now, are the Seahawks as a team more prone to usage, or have they just been unfortunate in terms of the NFL testing rotation?

We may never know.

For now, the Seahawks just have to cut their losses and prepare for the New Orleans Saints. Backups will be given more playing time and free agents such as Antoine Winfield will be contacted. The Brandon Browner era has ended in disgrace and he will not be part of a Super Bowl run.

So long, Mr. Browner. Best wishes in your next endeavor.

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