3 Key Players The Seahawks Couldn’t Do Without

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

#3: Russell Wilson. Seriously, could it have been anybody else? If the other two represent the personality and physical embodiment of this team then he represents the intellect of the Seahawks. Drafting Russell in the third round I anticipated a nice back up that would be called on from time to time. Exactly 121 days after being drafted Wilson was named as the Seahawks started, surprising the 12th man. We were still a little apprehensive to fully embrace our new quarterback through the first 11 games of the season. He played well and showed signs of life once the coaching staff took off the restraints. But it wasn’t until the Chicago Bears game in week 12 that he grew into the quarterback that we know now. That was the first time he exacted his will on the game and forced a win against the odds. He then went on to rattle off 150 points in the next three games. The best word I have heard to describe him by national pundits and announcers is ‘nightmare’. Not for us, for other teams. He is a nightmare to try to contain, in fact, nobody to this point has been able to do it. He is a true student of the game, as evidenced by many shots of him on the sideline studying a notebook full of plays. He is small in stature for a quarterback, but that has made him try harder. And just when you think you have him contained he slips past you, squirts through a hole and either runs for a first down or hits a strike to one of his receivers. He is a nightmare…he is our nightmare…and I love it.

Honorable Mention: Steven Hauschka. I couldn’t place him as an indispensable part of this team because there are many great kickers out there, but when a guy is leading the league in points scored, has missed only one FG and is perfect on all extra points doesn’t he deserve some attention? With him we can directly attribute two wins this season to his foot alone and there were many other games that he kept us in it just by scoring some points and salvaging drives. He has increased his range this season and now is comfortable kicking well beyond 50 yards. His only miss came on a blocked kick which can be chalked up to poor line play. He really has been solid and I feel very comfortable when he comes in to the game. Kickers never get any love, I had to do it…which explains why he was my featured picture. Your welcome Mr. Hauschka.

There are many players that can be included on this list and many more that could receive honorable mention. I love the depth and balance that this team has. The term next up really applies to this team, we don’t have to scramble for a replacement we just bring the next guy up and let him take over. Now that you have seen whom I have chosen let me know who makes your list. Go Hawks!

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