Five Things the Seahawks Must Do On Offense Against the Buccaneers

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5.  Get the offense to produce points.  The offense has to learn to score and to do it consistently.  Although a defense that is able to score separates an elite team from a good team, the Seahawks have been relying on the defense to win games.  Wilson and company need to score points on at least 75% of their offensive possessions Sunday and to demonstrate that they can manage sustained drives that eat up time and result in points – not just score on big plays.

The season isn’t over; not by a long shot.  In fact, we’re only at the mid-season mark.  The problem is that the Seahawks need to get healthy and get the offense back in rhythm before other teams that are already improving overtake them.    Watching for what adjustments Bevell and Cable have made, and how well they work on Sunday will be a strong indicator if we’ll be eating a lot of antacids the rest of the season or enjoying the long-awaited arrival of a Super Bowl contender.

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