Seattle Seahawks: Percy Harvin Should Not Rush Back


Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

We are reaching that noticeable point in the season where injuries are starting to accumulate. Players are getting hurt and teams are forced to issue the dreaded “lost for the season” statements. In the meantime, the Seattle Seahawks seem to be getting ever stronger.

Sure, the ‘Hawks have had their share of injuries this season. Seattle is still without key players like Russell Okung and it would be nice to get Bobby Wagner back to full strength. However, the team and seemingly the rest of the NFL is anticipating one particular return.

Welcome back…wait for it…Percy Harvin!

You can’t exactly call Harvin a secret weapon because everyone knows he is there. The moment he stepped back onto the practice field, every news outlet had it covered. Despite the anticipation, the Seahawks and Harvin should be patient. The electric receiver should not rush back.

When you look back, Harvin’s arrival was one of the biggest stories of the offseason. Seattle gave up a lot of picks for a guy that is widely regarded as a game changer. The team signed him to a big extension and fans wondered whether Harvin would be the final piece needed to propel this franchise to their first Super Bowl win. Put Harvin into a talented offense that already has Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch and you have the potential to dominate.

The hip injury and the surgery obviously stifled some of the enthusiasm, but fans took solace in the news that Harvin would return later in the season. If the Seahawks could somehow start strong without Harvin on the field, his addition would be an added bonus down the stretch.

Based on how the season has unfolded, that exact scenario has played out. Seattle is 6-1, relatively healthy and heading into a part of the schedule that is a little less intimidating. Not that this team is intimidated by anyone these days.

This is a great time to come back, right? Get Harvin back on the field against a St. Louis Rams team that is having a subpar season and allow him to scare the rest of the NFL on the big stage of Monday Night Football.

Here is the problem, or perhaps we will just call it something to ponder. You want Harvin for the playoffs. If he reinjures the hip or has a setback, it could hamper his ability to be a difference-maker in the postseason. The Seahawks should be cautious.

Do the Seahawks really need Harvin against the Rams? Not exactly. St. Louis won’t be a pushover and any division foe is a challenge on the road. However, Seattle should be able to handle a St. Louis team that will be without their starting quarterback Sam Bradford. You could even argue that Harvin doesn’t have to rush back the following week when Seattle hosts the hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Granted, you have to get Harvin on the field at some point. If he is ready, he is ready. You don’t want him to get frustrated because Pete Carroll is holding him back. Sooner or later Harvin will need to absorb a hard hit on that hip from a physical linebacker. With any injury, the mind is sometimes the last thing to heal.

In addition, Harvin will need to get back into NFL shape. He will also have to find his role with the Seahawks and develop a better game rapport with quarterback Russell Wilson. Harvin is a talented professional, but it is reasonable to assume that he won’t just step into the offense and make it seem like he was always there.

It is exciting to think about what Percy Harvin could do for the Seahawks. He very well may turn out to be that final piece. There just may be wisdom is waiting a little while longer. For now, there is no rush.

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