Seattle Seahawks: Is this team on pace for the Super Bowl?


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There is no coasting in the NFL, but when you look at how the season has unfolded thus far for the Seattle Seahawks, things could be a lot worse. The ‘Hawks are 6-1, atop the NFC West and coming off a big road win against the division-rival Arizona Cardinals.

In addition, the Seahawks now get to enjoy a nice, restful break before meeting the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football in Week 8. Players have an opportunity to get healthy, and confidence is high.

Super Bowl XLVIII? Looking good right now.

Obviously things can change in a hurry. Teams slump, players get hurt and a once-promising season can quickly turn into a second-half nightmare. It is still early in the NFL season. And yet, that word “early” is starting to fade a bit. We are one week away from midterm grades.

Time flies when you are having fun, or so I have heard.

Statistically, many things have gone well for the Seahawks. Seattle has the second-best running attack in the NFL. The defense ranks third against the pass and fifth against the run. Seattle’s passing attack is on the lower end of the league, but the NFL seems to understand that Russell Wilson is not the type of quarterback that is always going to rack up a ton of yards. The guy is a winner, and he can beat a team by throwing 150 yards.

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Now, there are questions and concerns. Not all has been smooth and issue-free. It would be nice to be undefeated, and that game against the Indianapolis Colts was a winnable contest. The Seahawks have also had some injury issues, most notably on the offensive line. Hopefully Russell Okung can get healthy and back into a groove by late in the season. Seattle may also need a healthy Bobby Wagner if they are going to maintain defensive dominance.

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Then there is the intriguing issue of Percy Harvin. It was a disappointment to lose Harvin before the season even began. However, when you look at how the season has unfolded, Seattle has done just fine without him. The fear was that the Seahawks would be something like 4-4 and Harvin would be expected to somehow save the team from destructive. As it is, Harvin can ease back into the rotation, find his role and not have to shoulder a major load. In other words, Harvin doesn’t have to rush. The Seahawks may benefit from just the threat of his presence, as opposing defenses now have one more problem to address.

There is still much work to do. As mentioned, the NFL is an unforgiving league. Seattle must still play four road games, including a showdown with the San Francisco 49ers on December 8. Depending on how each team plays between now and then, that game could be the key to winning the division title.

Also, Seattle must continue to defend their home turf against division rivals and teams like the much-improved New Orleans Saints. Conventional wisdom suggests that the Saints would love to avenge that playoff loss where Marshawn Lynch rumbled 67 yards for a touchdown and forever cemented his legacy as “Beast Mode.”

The regular-season does not determine how teams will do in the playoffs. Franchises have proven that in the past. However, for the Seahawks a dominant regular-season record means homefield advantage in the playoffs. That could be a key advantage for a team that seems to thrive in the deafening confines of CenturyLink Field.

All things considered, the Seahawks are looking very, very good. They are on pace for a special season that could culminate in New York.

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