2013 Seattle Sounders FC Salaries


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Ever wonder how much MLS players make compared to other pro athletes? Not much when you consider that the minimum salary for someone on an NBA, MLB and NFL roster can be up to 20x greater than what a player on the Sounders roster is making.

Below is the complete list of what the Sounders are making in 2013. You’ll quickly notice that some of the best players on the club are actually nowhere near the top of the totem pole in compensation. Four players are making the minimum of $35,125 and Clint Dempsey will earn more than an incredible $5,000,000 with the Sounders.

Do you think MLS players should be paid more or should other pro sports make their salaries more inline with what the MLS has going?

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Alonso, OsvaldoMF$210,000$210,000
Bates, WillF$35,125$35,125
Burch, MarcD$75,000$75,000
Caskey, AlexMF$46,500$46,500
Dempsey, ClintF$4,913,004$5,038,566
Estrada, DavidF$48,400$48,400
Evans, BradF$167,296$181,046
Ford, JoshGK$46,500$46,500
Gavin, BlairMF$35,125$35,125
Gonzalez, LeonardoD$135,000$135,000
Gspurning, MichaelGK$210,000$285,000
Hahnemann, MarcusGK60,00060,000
Hurtado, Jhon KennedyD$190,000$190,000
Ianni, PatrickD$150,000$150,000
Johnson, EddieF$150,000$156,333
Joseph, ShalrieMF$60,000$105,500
Lund, PhilipMF$35,125$35,125
Martins, ObafemiF$1,600,000$1,725,000
Moffat, AdamMF$150,000$161,608
Montero, FredyF$700,000$856,000
Neagle, LamarMF$48,400$48,400
Remick, DylanMF$35,125$35,125
Rosales, MauroMF$200,000$225,000
Rose, AndyMF$46,500$46,500
Scott, ZachD$50,000$50,000
Traore, DjimiD$120,000$120,000
Yedlin, DeAndreD$50,000$53,500
Zakuani, SteveF$135,000$233,000
Zavaleta, EricF$65,000$95,600