Seattle Seahawks Injury News and Updates Sep 17


Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks haven’t exactly been lucky with their injuries this season, but that hasn’t stopped them from winning both of their games thus far and having the #1 scoring defense in the NFL.

That’s even more impressive when you realize that most of the injuries have come on the defensive side of the ball.

One of the best cornerbacks in football, Brandon Browner, has missed both victories. Chris Clemons, one of the best pass rushers is in the same boat.

Now the injury bug has hit the offense with Pro Bowl left tackle Russell Okung. At first it was thought that Okung suffered “turf toe” in the 49ers game but now it comes out that he actually has a torn ligament in his toe and is almost certain to miss the Jaguars game at CentuyLink in Week 3.

Although it is tough to see our best offensive lineman out of action, if it has to happen, this is the game you want it to be for.

If Okung does miss the game, it will either be Alvin Bailey or Paul McQuistan that start in his place.

Others that have suffered the same injury have come back to play in the same season, although this particular injury is more difficult for offensive linemen to return to 100% from because of the need to plant their feet on every play.

Head coach Pete Carroll said that Brandon Browner could start practicing on Wednesday and Clemons should continue to fully participate in practices just like he had last week.

Once the Seahawks get all three guys back, it’ll really be scary for the rest of the NFL.

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