Report Card: Grading the Seahawks Victory over the 49ers

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Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

At halftime, with the score 5-0 Seattle, the offense was set to get graded very harshly. The run game was looking better than they had against the Panthers, but the passing game was now quiet. Russell Wilson had thrown an interception (not really his fault) because Golden Tate had tripped himself up and fell to the turf, and the entire offense couldn’t get into any rhythm.

Even after halftime, Wilson was still unable to come out and do much of anything. One deep pass and a nice gain on a flick was all Wilson could really muster against the 49ers defense. His totals for the game; 8/19 for 142 yards and 1 touchdown. Marshawn Lynch did all the hard work with 28 carries and two rushing touchdowns, plus an uncontested receiving TD that the 49ers had no clue how to defend. Big credit goes to Wilson for seeing the 49ers 7-man blitz and barely getting the ball over a defender to Lynch for the untouched score.

Grade: B –