5 Most Important Seahawks in the Win Against 49ers

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Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The city of Seattle hasn’t seen a game of this magnitude since, well, it caused an earthquake to be registered just a few blocks from CenturyLink.

The 49ers came to town and all the boasting and bragging came to an end. When the game clock expire and the Seahawks emerged as winners, there was no doubt who the better team was.. With all the power rankings out there labeling the Seahawks a better team than the 49ers and vice versa, the truth was revealed on Sunday evening after probably the most anticipated game of the NFL season had finished.

As Seahawks fans, we may not want to give any legitimacy to the fact that the 49ers are a great football team. But they are. The coach may be arrogant and whinny and their quarterback does compete for the spotlight with our very own Russell Wilson, but talented they are. And the 49ers pose more of a threat to the Seahawks making the playoffs than any other team in the NFL. They must be dealt with and the victory on Sunday gave the Seahawks a huge advantage in maintaining a lead in the NFC West playoff race.

Here is a list of the 5 most important Seahawks from the Sunday Night Football matchup against the San Francisco 49ers: