The 12th Man is Going For Guinness World Record


Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

On December 30th 2012, Russell Wilson kneeled down at his own 7 yrad line to seal the victory for his Seahawks against the St. Louis Rams. That was the last time the Seahawks played a regular season home game at Centurylink Field. It was the last time the 12th Man had the opportunity to impose its vocal dominance over an opposing offense. When the Seahawks kick off against the 49ers on Sunday night it will be 259 days since that kneel down against the Rams. The 12th man have had 259 days to think about that first opponent, 259 days to follow every scrap of Seahawk news and 259 days to rest thier voices. When the NFL released the schedule for 2013 Seahawk fans everywhere couldn’t believe their eyes, the home opener was not only on Sunday Night Football but against the hated San Francisco 49ers. As if all of this wasn’t reason enough for the 12th man to be in a frenzy former Seahawk defensive end dreamed up a way to challenge the 12th Man to be even louder: The Guinness Book of World Records.

Guinness has a recorded decibel reading of 131.76 as the loudest crowd noise in the world, set at a soccer match in Turkey. Joe Tafoya submitted an application to Guinness because he remembered what the noise level was when he played in the NFC Championship game in 2005, and couldn’t imagine a stadium being louder. Here is some information for those fans attending the game:

According to a Guinness spokesperson:

  • Fans will be directed by the stadium’s big screens when an attempt is about to begin (the first being during the first 49er offensive possession)
  • Fans will have, at the most, three attempts to break the record.
  • Guinness will have an official “adjudicator,” dressed in an official Guinness World Records suit, on the sidelines with a Guinness-approved sound meter.
  • Fans can use their voices and any analog noisemakers, but no electronically amplified sounds.
  • The adjudicator will use his or her judgment to determine the loudest sustained decibel level.
  • Fans should know almost immediately whether they have broken the record.

The 12th man has long boasted that they are THE loudest fan base in the NFL, on Sunday night they will have an opportunity to not only prove that claim but to be on record as the loudest fans in…THE…WORLD.