Earl Thomas Forced Fumble and Seahawks Defense Swan-dive (GIF)


Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

It is impressive that a game that finished with a final score of 12-7 had so many game-changing plays, or GAP (game altering plays) as Russell Wilson calls them.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson evaded a sack then just before being leveled he unloaded a pass that looked like it was intended to be thrown out-of-bounds, end up in WR Doug Baldwin’s hands as he barely managed to keep his feet in play. That’s one.

Former Washington Husky, Jermaine Kearse, runs a perfect streak route past a Panthers defender and makes a leaping 43-yard grab to score the only touchdown for the Seahawks, giving them the go-ahead points needed to win their season opener against what turned out to be a very stubborn Panthers team. That’s two.

If that wasn’t enough, as Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams runs for a long gain to bring the Panthers inside the Red Zone, Pro Bowl safety Earl Thomas knocks the ball loose from behind after Richard Sherman laid a solid hit on the running back. Then, what seems like the entire Seahawks defense dives for the ball as if it were made of pure gold — effectively ending the Panthers hopes of winning.

The Seahawks take on the San Francisco 49ers next in a Sunday Night Football matchup between arguable the top two teams in the NFL.

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