2013 Seattle Seahawks Awards Projections

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Defensive MVP

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman

2013 Projections: 60 total tackles, 6 interceptions, 18 passes defended

The secondary of the Seahawks is the best of the NFL. I would say it’s debatable but no other team has the Pro Bowl honors that Seattle’s cornerbacks and safeties have accomplished. Of the four starters, Richard Sherman will prove to be the most valuable asset in 2013. Brandon Browner is an exceptional corner but his coverage skills aren’t on par with his teammate, and we saw NFL teams take more shots to his side of the field in order to avoid Sherman.

Over the offseason it’s been Sherman’s mouth that has gotten him the most attention, but now that the media and the rest of the NFL community will have their eyes locked in on #25 every week, I think he’ll claim the title of the NFL’s best cornerback.

Sherman told Fox Sports that his goal this season is to match the NFL record for interceptions, which is 14. Do you think he can get it?

Runners up: Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner