‘Twas The Night Before Training Camp


‘Twas the night before Training Camp, and all through Montlake
Excitement was growing, please beef up, Josh Banks!
The jumbotron has risen on the Eastside with care
The Westside is closer and the new student’s lair.

Young Dawg fans will look at Husky Stadium, anew
While the old ones have visions of past victories too.
Steve Sarkisian in his visor, or maybe a cap
Will lead his team to practice, enough of this ‘off-season’ crap!

The music and coaches will raise quite a clatter
“Hey batter, batter” wait. We don’t want baseball chatter.
I’ll check Twitter and blog posts in a flash
As quick as SEC players get offered cash.

 The moon will shine down and, on the field, gleam.
It wishes it could, like the sun, beam
So that it could stay and watch the first practice
But then he thinks, “the sun won’t see the first game tactics”

Don’t dream of losses, don’t even bother
Just dream of Rose Bowl victories and the Dawgfather
Is Sark the new legend? His team, they are game.
As they run out for a scrimmage, he calls them by name;

“Now, Peters! Now, Parker! Now, Riva and Thompson!
On, Campbell! On, Kasen! On, Bishop and Dixon!
To top of conference! To the top of football!
Now win, win, win! Win them all!

Just as you have to breathe before you can sigh
A team must practice before they can thrive.
So on to the field, and practice that play
And then go into Dempsey, on the rainy days.

Go through the drill, let Price find his way.
Please practice kicking so I don’t turn gray.
Let Danny Shelton attack, and then demolish
This Oregon losing streak, we must abolish.

Please offensive line, have no injuries
Please improve your pass block. Please, please, please.
Maybe on August 31st, we’ll bring a pass rush.
There are a few exciting freshmen, but keep it on the hush.

After the press conference, go straight to work,
Fill up the playbook, throw in a wrinkle or quirk.
And passing his team knowledge he knows
Sark will nod with assurance, as his team grows.

 In just a few weeks, we’ll spring to our seats
And our old friend, Husky Stadium, we will greet.
But for now, that game is just, in the distance, a light
Happy Fall Camp to all, and to all a goodnight.