Feb 18, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Seattle Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik speaks to the media during MLB media day at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Mariners Trade Rumors: What If Team Stands Pat?

Here is a crazy thought for you. What if, after weeks of speculation and “inside” information on possible trades, the Seattle Mariners end up doing…nothing.

Possible? Absolutely. Likely? To be determined.

Obviously some fans are going to come to the conclusion that the Mariners have to make a move. After all, this is the best baseball that the Emerald City has seen in a number of years. In addition, the Oakland A’s are making moves. Don’t the Mariners have to counter?

There are certainly some scenarios in which the Mariners make a deal, but it would also not be a shock if the team stood pat. After all, look at how this team has been constructed.

Management has given a number of players a lot of room to grow. Kyle Seager has been a success. There have also been signs of growth from Mike Zunino, Brad Miller, Michael Saunders and even Dustin Ackley. Justin Smoak…not as much. Certainly the growth has been inconsistent, and there are some doubts as to whether certain players will ever fully develop into strong, everyday players.

Still, the point is that the Mariners have tried really hard to build a team from the ground up. The move to sign Robinson Cano was an acknowledgement that the franchise needed a spark and some star power.

However, the rest of the lineup has been given the benefit of the doubt for quite some time. Would management start tossing homegrown talent at this point? Again, possible. But, Jack Zduriencik may still have faith that his grand experiment is going to work.

Despite a general sense from the baseball world that the Mariners need another bat, they are in a playoff spot right now. Do you mess with the chemistry, even if the current lineup is not exactly an offensive force?

What must be remembered is that there are pros and cons to moving players. An upgrade is not always a guarantee, and sometimes a team has to trade certain strengths in order to get other abilities.

This may be the year that the Mariners make a move, but don’t be flabbergasted if they don’t.

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  • Greg Cole

    If the Mariners stand pat, this year, then it is obvious that they are in this game only for the money and after 30 some years as a fan, I am gone. I am hoping for a hitters and Price. I would hope may of you would feel the same and act accordingly.
    And for those of you that think the M’s can stay in the race with the team they have now………you should be watching a different spot because you don’t know baseball.

    • Nick harris

      If the Mariners dont strip their farm system to rent players you are done with the team? I think its time for you to quit supporting the team already if thats how you feel. Jack Z. signed Cano and i think he is helping quite a bit. This team isnt ready quite yet and a few more pieces would be awesome but to just give up if they dont land those pieces? The team is finally making great progress just be patient a little longer. Or go support the Dodgers they might spend enough for you.

      • RW

        The M’s don’t have to strip the farm system or “rent” a player. Someone like Marlon Byrd, for instance, wouldn’t cost much to the M’s. He would bring with him a .262 18 HR and 54 RBI resume this year, plus he is right handed. He is also under contract through the end of next year. This would not be a “stripping the farm for a rental” proposition as you would suggest. It is just an example of how this club could be improved at minimal expense. This is the first year in a long long time the M’s can even talk playoffs. It is also obvious that they clearly need a little more help. Now is the time to get a little bold. If not now after all these years then when? To sit by and do nothing would show that the Mariner brass are cheap and aren’t serious about being contenders. It’s a shame because tonight’s game drew 40,000 people. Seattle is a great sports town and has proven time and time again, it will not only support a winner but will also support a team in the thick of it TRYING to make it to the next level. If Mariner brass cannot see the “build a winner and attendance will be there” story unfolding right in front of their eyes….then they deserve the fans to stay away in droves as they have the past few years.

        • Paddy

          I agree with you about trying to get something if a good deal can be made. The Mariners need to make the playoffs if they want the crowds to come back. They are currently 24th in MLB for 2014 attendance, which is downright bad considering their record. There are a lot of teams that aren’t that good who are getting a lot more attendance. It’s sad to see how the Mariners went from number 1 in attendance back in the early 2000′s to bottom 5-6 the past few years. People in Seattle like winners though, so people will definitely jump back on once they get a little continued success.

  • Kurtis Kennedy

    If they don’t make a move .. The front office has to be fired at the end of year..no one any sport has kept there job longer ,while losing so much..year after year, we do nothing while every team in our division gets better..when the franchise has as much money as any other team… Go for Price or a big right hand hitter and let’s keep this thing going