Jun 17, 2014; Renton, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) returns a punt during minicamp at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman Believes Seattle Seahawks Can Be Better

Richard Sherman believes that the Seattle Seahawks can be better this season. That’s cool and all, but is there a higher level than winning the Super Bowl?

Apparently so, because in a recent interview Sherman indicated that this team could still improve in 2014.

Obviously a team can always get better. The Seahawks did win the Super Bowl, but it wasn’t a flawless season. That said, is this team going to roll through the season and coast to another championship?


Fans can dream about a perfect season, blowout wins and another Lombardi Trophy, but the Seahawks are going to face challenges this season. Realistically there will be losses, and even making the playoffs is not guaranteed.

Still, you understand what Sherman is saying. Even after a team wins a championship, they have to stay hungry. The NFL in particular is a place where players have to maintain their edge. Otherwise they will lose their jobs, and while it is nice to have a Super Bowl ring, it is typically better to have a steady paycheck.

Interestingly, Percy Harvin had a similar sentiment, but from a different perspective. In another interview, Harvin basically said that he was happy to win a Super Bowl, but he realizes that he didn’t play a huge role during the regular season and throughout the playoffs. Therefore, Harvin is looking forward to being an impact player throughout the season.

Finally, there is Russell Wilson, who “can’t wait” for the new season. Can you blame him? The season is going to be a lot of work, but it also has the potential to be very exciting. Winning is fun.

Your team wins the Super Bowl and the following season they are even better? It could happen.

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  • mylilelar

    Nipping the 49ers at “The clink” wasn’t coasting through the playoffs.

    • Todd Pheifer

      I wasn’t suggesting that the Seahawks coasted through the playoffs this year. I’m speculating on whether they might do so if they were better in 2014.

      • Paddy

        If their D somehow improves from last year, it will be hard to not repeat (hard to get much better than the ppg they allowed last season). Unless they get a bad stroke of luck on the offense, it would be hard not to get better play from the OL and hence open more holes in the run game and give Wilson more time to hit what I think is a stronger WR group this year. The main competition will be in the NFC West by far and then it will be interesting to see what the revamped D’s look like from the Broncos/Patriots in the AFC. The offense is where the Seahawks stand to improve the most though.

        • mylilelar

          I find it difficult to believe that a revamped D from the Pats or Broncos will have an immediate effect this year or maybe even until maybe towards the end of the season.
          Just because you buy great players doesn’t mean they can gel quickly or be an asset in the locker room.

          • Paddy

            I think Denver stands to improve the most. They didn’t really have a good CB/S last year and they just got one of each in FA. They had a fairly good front seven that just got better as well. I do think Revis is a slight upgrade over Talib for NE, but not by a ton. Browner is a wildcard. He has substance abuse problems and he’s getting up there in age, so I’m expecting a decline (already seemed to be declining last season).

      • mylilelar

        Naw…..you said “coast to another championship”. It caught my eye immediately.
        To me coasting to another championship entails the process of going through the entire playoffs including the SB.
        You didn’t state “coasting to another Super Bowl win” which would of course been the fact.
        Anyway,you vindicated yourself and all in all……a nice article.

  • Paddy

    I don’t think they’d coast, but by getting better, they might eliminate some of the blown coverages like against the Colts/Bucs and make it a bit less exciting at times. The Seahawks run D was inconsistent at times, so that’s an area they might improve if the new guys can step in and the LB’s can step up more. The OL was in shambles at times last year, so there’s another area where this team could get a lot better if they get a stroke of luck with health and can get good play out of Carp/Britt. The same goes for if Harvin can stay healthy and they can get contributions from Richardson/Norwood. There are plenty of ways to improve that are realistic, but they’ll need to work their butts off.