Jun 18, 2014; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees batter Alfonso Soriano breaks his bat in the 3rd inning against the Toronto Blue Jays during the MLB baseball game at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Mariners Rumors: Alfonso Soriano to M's?

The Seattle Mariners might need another bat if they are going to stay in contention for a playoff spot. According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Mariners may be a good fit for Alfonso Soriano. The New York Yankees just designated Soriano for assignment, basically because he can’t hit anymore.

So, let me get this straight…the Mariners should pick up a guy at the end of his career who can’t hit anymore? Seriously?

You know, sometimes you wonder if other cities recognize that the Mariners are an actual franchise in Major League Baseball. When people come up with these suggestions, it feels a little bit like the classic Life cereal commercial that I watched as a kid, without the skepticism of whether Mikey would try the new cereal:



How does this connect to the Mariners? To paraphrase, “Let’s get the Mariners! They’ll sign anyone!” After all, they aren’t a real baseball team or anything. Give them a broken-down, former Yankees star and they will jump at the chance to put that player in their lineup.

Last time I checked, the Mariners were having a better season than the Bronx Bombers. Just sayin’.

In general, signing Soriano sounds like a fairly terrible idea. Soriano is 38, and was designated for assignment after compiling a .221/.244/.367 slash line and a -1.5 WAR for the season.

Yeah, let’s go out and sign this guy. That would be great. He would almost certainly have a miraculous resurgence in Seattle and return to his 40-40 form of 2006 when he had a 5.9 WAR.

Sure he would. One hopes that Jack Zduriencik doesn’t give this idea a second thought…or even a first for that matter.

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  • Fish61324

    This author is an idiot. Yeah, Soriano is at the end of his career… but he is 38, which means he can still have 2-3 more decent years in him. Take a look at Soriano’s track record… even just LAST YEAR he hit over .250 34HR and 101RBI. The problem this season is that he has had a lot of inconsistent playing time.

    When somebody AVERAGES 34HR and 95RBI per 162 games in their career and they just hit 34HR and had over 95RBI a season ago, that is worth looking at.

    I’d understand if someone averaged 34HR per 162 game in their career, but was averaging only 15HRs in the last 5 seasons….

    Maybe if this author actually looked at more than just what Soriano is doing THIS season, he might be able to conceive with his brain why a team might be interested in signing him.

    As for the Mariners, they have a very good chance at making the playoffs this year… but they will need another bat in the lineup… they can’t keep relying on Jones, Cano and Seager….. if there is no one else available, than Soriano is definitely worth getting. He can’t do any worse than Corey Hart is doing this year.

    • jay

      I agree with Fish. I think the writer went a little overboard on this article. Right now Seattle’s DH spot has a combined WAR of -.2, which is better than Soriano’s, but Soriano has more home runs, and a proven track record. Fish is also correct he doesn’t have the consistent at bats either. What did Saunders look like this season until he started getting regular playing time?

      Soriano is due to make $18 million this season, 13 million of which is being paid by the Cubs. That leaves the Yankees on the hook at current time for about 5 million. With that in mind, is the contract too large to go for this and see if we can find a capable player? Soriano is by all accounts a good team mate, and a good veteran on a team of young guys. Cano and he were good friends, so is there anything wrong in that regard?

      If he gets time in left, Ackley is playing at a clip of a .4 WAR this season. Are we really going to be disappointed if that isn’t out there everyday?

      The only concern I have is who do you move off the current roster to add a guy like Soriano? Would this finally be a move that gets Ackley out the door?

  • ImaMsFit

    Okay, so we sign him and make him a DH. How long will it take him to get his energy back, adjust to a new team and perhaps contribute? Sounds like a pipe dream to me. The only way I’d even consider it would be if he is dirt cheap. Trade Smoak and get something of (hopefully) value.