May 31, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; The Seattle Mariners players celebrate after defeating the Detroit Tigers 3-2 at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Mariners News: Fans Aren't Supporting the Team

The Seattle Mariners rank 23rd in Major League Baseball when it comes to home attendance. For those of you scoring at home, that translates to small crowds. Seattle is drawing 22,566 fans per game.

Come on, people. Get out to Safeco Field and support the team.

Look, I get it. Fans want to see a winner. When a team like the Mariners is mediocre for a number of seasons in a row, the enthusiasm can start to fade. That doesn’t change the fact that fans need to stay loyal.

There is something special about being a fans of the Mariners. The team may not have a long history of success, but there is a strong group of fans that have been with the franchise from the beginning. My dad took me to games as a kid when the team was brand new, and some of those squads were downright awful. However, they were my team and that hasn’t changed.

Sure, the mid-1990s were a lot of fun when Ken Griffey, Jr. was hitting long home runs, Edgar Martinez was smacking balls all over the park, and Randy Johnson was blowing away the competition with his fastball and his sweet haircut. 2001 was a season to remember, even if it did not culminate in a trip to the World Series. It was easy to be a fan then.

The team has had some lean years, but this squad is actually pretty good. They are just barely over .500 but they have a genuine star in Robinson Cano, one of the best pitchers on the planet in Felix Hernandez and some pitching prospects that could be special (if they can stay healthy).

Besides, Safeco Field is one of the most beautiful baseball stadiums in the league. Fans in Seattle love their sports, as proven by the rabid support of the Seattle Seahawks. In addition, you can get some Rally Fries.

When this team gets really good, you are going to want to say that you were there for the good times and the bad. No one likes a “fan” that jumps on the bandwagon just as the team gets into the playoffs.

What do you say, fans? I’m pretty sure you find some affordable tickets online. How about you come out and support the Seattle Mariners, and turn Safeco Field into a real homefield advantage?

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  • Sea-HAWK fan

    I agree. The problem is with the new generation who doesn’t like baseball much anyways grew up in a time where the Seattle Mariners were garbage. 2003-now , or was it 2004 can’t remember. So that hurts a lot. Then there is the Hawk fans. Great fanbase., Now that they won the SB and the bandwagoners jumped on, they are overly obsessed. All they care about is learning as much as they can about the sea-hawks even though alot jumped on the bandwagon during the 50 pt blow outs, One of my friends who I know did this exact thing was anazlying the draft, yada yada yada… I knew he is just a huge bandwagoner. Claims he has been a fan since 2003. I said I like what the Rams did and if Bradford can stay healthy watch out.. He says do we even play them this year? Are you freaking kidding me? To make a long story short the Mariners are gonna have to win and sustain to get more then loyalists and once in awhilers to the games.. Go Mariners

  • BruceN

    The M’s are drawing poorly today after eroding their huge fan base because they have sucked for so long. And in the process, they have shown their fans that they care little about winning and competing and ONLY care about making money by putting a sub-par product on the field for so many years. So excuse me if the fans don’t rush up to fill the stadium.