Jan 31, 2014; New York, NY, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick at the GQ Party in the Boom Boom Room at The Standard Hotel. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What Does The Kaepernick Signing Mean To Seattle Seahawks?

The news is out.  Colin Kaepernick has signed a huge, six-year extension with the San Francisco 49ers.  The contract is worth $126 million, with $61 million guaranteed.  As soon as it was announced that Kaep signed such a massive deal, people began talking about what the new deal for Russell Wilson will look like.

Let’s not get too caught up in all of this talk about a potential arms race between Seattle and San Francisco.  The re-signing of Kaepernick means nothing to Seattle, other than they will be seeing him twice a year for the foreseeable future.  Besides that, how does this effect the Seahawks?  It simply doesn’t.  In fact, Seattle played their cards way better than San Francisco did.

Take a look at the 49ers right now.  They just spent their life savings locking up a QB.  Good for them for keeping him, but they may have pulled the trigger a bit early this time.  Vernon Davis is holding out of OTA’s because he is demanding a new contract, one he is unlikely to get now that the team’s pockets are empty.  They still have Michael Crabtree to deal with.  Another guy is Alex Boone, who will likely be looking at free agency once his time in San Francisco ends.

As for Seattle, they wanted to hang onto Doug Baldwin, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas.  Check, check, check and check.  Now it is time to talk with Russell Wilson who, by the way, has stated publicly several times that he would rather have a stacked team than a huge contract.  That old saying of “you can’t keep everyone” doesn’t seem to apply to Seattle.

So yes, San Francisco has their QB situation dealt with up until 2020. Good for them.  However, that big payday will cost them in more ways than just financially.  Seattle seems to be doing it right, and that is something you have to love.

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  • Erockalypse

    The guy has talent, but not THAT much talent. I’m blown away by this deal. He always kinda struck me as a Tebow 2.0, anyways good for him. He’s paid out far exceeding his worth in my eyes. I suppose if he really flops they can convert another RB into a QB. I’m no genius and I’ve never like the 49ers, but this just strikes me as a very odd and possibly huge blow to their organization. I’m actually happy. It makes our two games a year against them that much easier.
    As far as Wilson. I do think what he has done for the franchise and city as a whole he is worth big bucks, but I doubt you’ll see a deal worth that much. He seems very unselfish and puts the team first always. He wants to win and in order to do that the their teams need a little overhead. Look at the Packers for crying out loud. 40 mil a year to Rodgers. Perpetual brick wall.

  • Erockalypse

    Further more I believe there should be something implemented as far as salary for the QB position. Since that spot requires generally the most bucks to shell out and can take away from the team as a whole. I propose a actual set base salary for the QB position. 15-20 mil a year for every team. No QB makes more or less. It’s the most pivotal role on the field and a starter most times is barely replaceable. And that 15-20 does not count against the cap. They’re the faces of their franchises. Except makes me the Vikes. But that position puts a large detriment on the team. I dunno I’m just spitballing, but I think something should be done.

  • JessieAnderson

    Wilson will demand the money he is worth but the Seahawks are anticipating that. Something will certainly have to break… I am seeing Lynch as taking some heat into the 2015 season. I expect them to also work many QBs to try and keep Russell in check a bit. He is not expendable but he can certainly demand a lot. He has performed well.

  • wheelz808

    Not sure about the legalities but, Wilson can be signed for 15 mil a year while getting lucrative Microsoft endorsement deals (among others) to supplement his yearly income. Who says Paul Allen can’t pay Wilson an “extra” 2 million/year (for life?) to be the Seahawk’s spokesman after retirement? Lots of ways to circumvent the cap with the best minds and deepest pockets in the NFL workin’ on it!