Feb 2, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) with the Vince Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl XLVIII against the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium. Seattle Seahawks won 43-8. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Will Seattle Seahawks Repeat as Super Bowl Champs in 2014? (Poll)

You watched the  Seattle Seahawks dominate the Denver Broncos and win their first Lombardi Trophy. It was epic, to say the least.

You saw a number of players leave for more lucrative opportunities, including Golden Tate. You saw Sidney Rice leave and then return. You wondered how much depth the Seahawks could afford to lose as the Jacksonville Jaguars raided the Seattle roster.

You witnessed the Seahawks taking care of business by keeping key defenders like Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas with the franchise. You worried about whether Seattle would be able to afford other players in the future.

You watched the 2014 NFL draft, and heard the analysts offer their usual comments about the methodologies of Pete Carroll and John Schneider. You trusted that the fellas knew what they were doing when they made these picks.

You read about the Seahawks making a few post-draft signings, such as the intriguing Jackson Jeffcoat. You wondered about the size of the “boulder” on his shoulder.

Now the work begins…again. Workouts, camps, and before you know it, preseason games will start.

It doesn’t really matter how talented your team is in the NFL. Winning back-to-back Super Bowls is very hard. It has been done, but no one is going to lay down and let the ‘Hawks roll over them this season.

So, will the Seattle Seahawks repeat as champions? Let us know in this poll:

Will the Seattle Seahawks repeat as Super Bowl champs?

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  • Erockalypse

    I think their chances are one in thirty-two.

    • Todd Pheifer

      Bold prediction, Erockalypse.

      • Erockalypse

        It’s crazy, I’m never wrong. Just surprised you didn’t ask for the next mega millions numbers. To actually answer your question though. I honestly do like our chances to be a dominant team again. As far as repeating? I think our chances of going all the way are far better than most teams. I can never discredit the drive and sheer determination of this group. And I like a few pick ups from FA and the draft. They are a pleasure to watch and the football IQ from each position on the field especially on defense is hard to match on any other organization. I personally would love another SB win, but as a life long fan there’s nothing that could happen this year be it good or bad. that could match or take away the excitement and immense weight that was lifted when we stompeld our way to a SB win.

        • Erockalypse

          Stomped … ffs

        • Todd Pheifer

          Hey, I’ll take mega millions numbers as well. I know these types of polls are probably too early, but I always find it interesting to see whether fans are realistic about how hard it is to repeat. As you said, this team has all the pieces to get it done again, but grinding through a long season and winning close playoff games can be incredibly difficult for even the most talented team. We have seen that year in and year out. I am also a lifelong fan, and I find myself still basking in the glow of the Super Bowl win.

  • wheelz808

    Since they won XLVIII, they are the only team that can “repeat” as champions, lol. Just like the Atlanta playoff game, on any given Sunday. Very tough year ahead but depth is their forte (see article… Seattle Seahawks Have A Problem, And That’s A Good Thing by Rob Shumate).