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2014 NFL Schedule: Will Seattle Seahawks Repeat?

Adam Schein of NFL.com is going to receive his fair share of criticism over the next few days after he listed nine reasons that the Seattle Seahawks will have a hard time repeating. If the Seahawks do repeat, you can bet fans will remember this article, find Schein’s Twitter account, and bury him with “how dare you doubt us” comments.

The thing is, Schein isn’t so far off, even if it feels like he is selling the Seahawks a bit short.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in this franchise and the team that is going into this season. This Seahawks team may have lost a lot of players to free agency, but this is still an elite squad that is built for a repeat. The schedule may be tough, but it was not exactly a cakewalk last year either.

Last season, the Seahawks had to travel east, face the San Francisco 49ers twice and have a few balls bounce their way. There are no easy seasons in the NFL, no matter how much talent there is on your roster.

Winning back-to-back Super Bowls in the modern, salary-cap era is just hard. Period. Actually, an exclamation point might be more appropriate.

Why does the phrase “any given Sunday” exist in professional football? Simple. Lesser teams can rise up, grab some quick momentum and beat a team that on paper should have no business losing.

Look at the game last season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 9. The Seahawks won that game at home in overtime, but first they had to overcome a 21-point deficit to an 0-7 team. Fans will suggest that the Seahawks won that game because they had the heart of a (eventual) champion, which is partially true. That said, the Bucs should never have been up by 21 points in the first place.

This would feed into Schein’s theory that even a great team can lose a few games and find themselves on the outside looking in when the playoffs roll around. That doesn’t mean that the Seahawks will plummet in the standings this year, but they cannot assume that the swagger will automatically carry them back to the Super Bowl.

In the end, Schein is making a fairly safe argument because repeating is not the norm. Therefore, projecting a different NFC representative in the Super Bowl is actually the easier call from a historical standpoint. That doesn’t mean that fans are going to like it.

Of course, there will be those fans who are happy to see these types of predictions. After all, isn’t it better to prove doubters wrong sometimes? Truthfully, the Seahawks may prefer to remain the underdogs in the eyes of the league. It served the team well last season.

Will the Seahawks repeat in 2014? Your guess is as good as mine.

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  • HD

    I did reply to Schein’s article…and received very little rebuttal for other posters…my whole take on the team this year is a pragmatic one based on how the team has been built since 2010…any given Sunday and the IR are just part of the game…it can change a season in a heartbeat…for any team…my take on the 2014 Hawks…even before OTA’s (early stuff) was as follows regarding Schein’s prediction….

    I like what Kurt Warner had to say about the toughness of the NFC West schedules this year (all the NFC West)…whoever comes through their schedule to the playoffs will be battle tested…and probably have an edge in the playoffs due to the quality of opponents faced all year…this is no easy task this year for Seattle…but then again winning in the NFL is never easy…since everyone is pretty much throwing out predictions this early (which can change drastically with key injuries)…before the draft or final rosters are established here’s 10 of mine.
    1. Seattle will have an even better defensive line than last year…and it’s already on their roster…Dan Quinn and his staff go into their “second” year running the defense.
    2. Seattle will have an improved offensive line……most of that is already on their roster with a year of playing time under their belt due to injuries in 2013 (Bailey and Bowie) with the best O-L:ine guy in the NFL ..Tom Cable (and a draft pick here)..
    3. Seattle will have one of the best running games in the league again
    4. Seattle will have a better receiving core than last year (Harvin, a free agent (1 or maybe even two) that steps up no one expects and a draft pick)…Kearse and Baldwin will be better in 2014 than 2013
    5. Seattle will be one of the league leaders again in special teams play (a part of the 2012 and 2013 team that seems to be constantly overlooked)
    6. Seattle will again have a great secondary (look for another new star to emerge) to go with their front seven (don’t forget about their line backers as well…an under rated bunch)…
    7. Seattle proved last year they can win on the road….they’ll prove it again this year…winning on the road always starts with a good defense and a good running game…(don’t forget special teams play)
    8. Wilson will be an even better QB in 2014…Seattle also has the 5th best backup according to last years ratings resigned (Jackson)……a good backup is important in the NFL
    9. Seattle will be one of the league leaders again in plus turnover ratios
    10. Seattle will find a way to use Pryor in their offense…besides QB…possibly even special teams

    The draft hasn’t happened yet…and Seattle usually firms up their roster when teams cut to 53…there’s still pre-season and whose healthy to start the season…and how injuries occur during the season and at what position.

    Seattle may not win it all this year…I think they will make the playoffs….I’m not worried about complacency…that’s not the makeup with this team…always compete…win forever is!

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    • Todd Pheifer

      Good stuff, HD!

      The Seahawks did lose a lot of players in the offseason, but I would venture to suggest that none of them are key losses. Golden Tate will need to be replaced, and based on Harvin’s injury history, he may not always be available.

      As you outlined, the defense should still be great, and that will be the key to continued success.