Jan 19, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) leaves the field after the 2013 NFC Championship football game against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Kaepernick Investigated: Seahawks Fans, Stay Away

According to a number of reports, Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers is being investigated by Miami police after he was allegedly involved in a “suspicious incident.” The investigation is reported to be in the early stages, and it also involves 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton and Seattle Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette.

Can I make a small suggestion? Seahawks fans need to stay away from commenting on this particular story.

Now, someone is going to suggest to me that this is a free country and fans can comment on any story that they want. That is true, within reason.

The point is that this is the type of story that is eventually going to solicit a few tacky and classless comments at the bottom of the page, which will undoubtedly lead to some angry responses. Let’s try to keep things civil, people. There is enough conflict in the world as it is. Crime isn’t funny, particularly when we are talking about the types of crimes that are being investigated.

There are plenty of classy Seahawks fans out there, and they wouldn’t dream of commenting on this story. This suggestion of mine is directed at the small segment of fans who would be tempted to use this as a platform to advance the rivalry between the ‘Hawks and the Niners.

Lest we forget, the presence of Lockette’s name in this story means that Seattle fans can’t exactly suggest that no one on the Seahawks would ever be involved in such things.

Unfortunately, someone out there is going to write something about how they never trusted that Kaepernick guy. Someone else is going to use this as a way to discuss the competitive balance between the two teams in 2014. Undoubtedly, someone will type something that is crass, in very pour taste, racist, sexist or simply ignorant.

Stop. Back away from the keyboard.

At this point, we don’t know very much. In addition, this story is not about the X’s and O’s of football. It is a story that has the potential for a lot of sadness, both in the present and into the future.

Fans, don’t post something stupid and classless. Leave it alone.

Time for me to get off the soap box. Before you hit the “Submit,” “Post” or “Send” button, take a moment to think. Is your comment really going to move the conversation to a better place? Stay classy, my friends.

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  • DRRL

    Civility in the world of “social” media? What a creative idea! I’m for it.

    • Todd Pheifer

      Crazy, right?

  • KloverJane

    Oh the humanity! Let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya in cooperative bliss.

    • Todd Pheifer

      A fine idea…

  • Kyle

    Typical Kaepernick. No Seahawk player would have done something like this.

    • BlueTalon


    • Cecil Treadwell

      One of these three players IS a Seahawk.
      I don’t know for how much longer though.

    • Its onlySports(DavidWakefield)

      We have had players do dumb(not legal) things on Seattle’s roster….. Leroy Hill ring a bell? To err is human And the 49er QB already wishes he wasnt in Florida that night I am sure(could ultimately cost him millions as per contract negotiations)….let the legal process play out for proof. Thats what this writer was hinting at…just the facts then maybe you can start looking for nooses. And just for the record?There’s nothing i like about Colin K that i can come up with as a fan of the blue and green.

  • Steve Speidel

    Early reports on this “incident” sound as though it was a non-event. It is the slow time of year for America’s favorite sport.
    Come quickly, NFL draft! So we can be spared news of a girl who gets naked with three pro athletes then complains she was kissed!

    • Cecil Treadwell

      The Miami police are awaiting the results of toxicology tests.

    • Cecil Treadwell

      The allegations of marijuana use alone constitute a serious event that can have major contract repercussions if these three players are required to take drug tests and test positive.


    What about the fact they were all hitting the bong is that fair to comment on? Also we forget Lockette spent more time as a 9er last year and lived with Kaep last offseason. Hitting the bong may have something to do with not being able to read coverages, is that fair?

  • Cecil Treadwell

    The Miami police are awaiting the results of toxicology tests taken at the hospital this woman was taken to after paramedics transported her there after midnight.
    The issue of alleged marijuana use alone should be grounds for the NFL officially requesting these three players to submit to drug testing. I don’t know what the NFL’s legal jurisdiction is in the off season, but all three are under contract.
    I have my doubts here about date rape.
    Why would these young men resort to having sex with an unconscious woman instead of a completely awake and willing partner?
    They have money and can afford high class hookers if need be.
    Lockette and Kaepernick bought a house together and lived together as bachelors.
    We don’t know what kind of parties they were in the habit of having.

  • Cecil Treadwell

    I can’t see Kaepernick risking the loss of millions of dollars for the sake of a few cheap thrills.
    He has to be smarter than that.

    • Todd Pheifer

      Unfortunately, I think some of these players get bored and assume that they aren’t going to get in trouble.

      • Cecil Treadwell

        The same way that politicians and others get bored when they are in a city away from their girlfriends or wives.
        These three athletes have worked out and are horny as hell.
        They are in their mid-20′s.

  • Cecil Treadwell

    Time for owners, GM’s, and coaches to have a serious talk with their players about avoiding the kinds of situations being described here.

  • Cecil Treadwell

    Separation is the term used to describe how good a receiver is at distancing himself from defenders so he is free to receive a pass that can’t be intercepted.
    Another kind of “separation” is happening here.
    REPUTATION SEPARATION between that of Colin Kaepernick and that of Russell Wilson.
    Russell Wilson now has two essential things Colin Kaepernick does not have.
    A squeaky clean reputation and a Super Bowl ring.
    Who do you think the major companies are more likely to approach for product endorsement contracts?

  • Cecil Treadwell

    On the basis of this police report, does the NFL have sufficient cause and/or authority to require these three players to take a drug test for marijuana?
    What is the most widely used date rape drug used today?
    How long does it stay in a woman’s blood and urine system for detection?
    Could this have been a deliberate set up by this woman?
    So many different posibilities here.
    At the vey least, these three players should be tested for marijuana in their urine, blood, and hair folicles.

  • Cecil Treadwell

    The Miami police department must be slow and methodical as they investigate this case.
    The distict attorney must move forward cautiously as well if incriminating evidence is found.
    DNA samples will have to be authorized to be taken and tested for comparison.
    This could turn into a drawn out drama leading up to and competing with the draft for NFL headlines.
    I am hoping that a date rape drug was not used, but this woman losing consciousness for a number of hours is highly suspicious in that direction.
    Her credibility must be scrutinized by the authorities and she must be protected.
    They might attempt to silence her with money, but it may be too late for that if possible felonies have occurred.
    I have a hard time beleiving that one or more of these three players would be that desperate for sex to have felt the need to do something like this.
    As much as I would hope for this story to blow over, I don’t think it will any time soon.

  • Cecil Treadwell

    GHB is a popular date rape drug. It causes people to be euphoric and lose their inhibitions.
    Taken alone, it’s effects can last 2-3 hours. Taken with alchohol, its effects can last several hours.
    This is a popular illegal drug used by college-aged night club goers.
    It is highly likely the toxicology tests administered at the hospital were to look for the presence of this and similar drugs.
    The Miami police department is waiting for the results of these tests.

  • Cecil Treadwell

    If the 49ers suddenly begin hosting quarterback candidates to show their stuff, we might be getting an indication there are some serious aspects to this brewing Kaepernick scandal.