Feb 5, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) celebrates during a Super Bowl championship parade held in downtown Seattle. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson is a Marketing Gimmick for Texas Rangers

Congratulations, Russell Wilson. You are officially a marketing gimmick.

Understand that I say that with the utmost of respect. Fans of the Seattle Seahawks will be forever grateful to Wilson for leading the franchise to their first Super Bowl victory. By all accounts he appears to be a genuinely great guy in addition to his skills on the football field.

It’s just that this Texas Rangers thing seems like it isn’t so much about actual sports.

Yes, Wilson did play baseball in the past and he has experience playing in the minor leagues. However, let’s be honest here. Wilson is not going to play.

I know it. You know it. The Rangers know it. Wilson knows it. At least, we assume that to be true.

Sure, Wilson could theoretically give up an opportunity to lead a football team that has the talent to chase a second straight Lombardi Trophy. He could trade his spot amongst the NFL elite for long bus rides between Double-A ballparks.

Hmmm…tough choice.

Why is he doing this spring training gig? Simple. Because he can.

Wilson can go to spring training. He can lobby to be on Dancing with the Stars. He can promote his sponsors. He can talk about owning a professional sports team someday.

All good projects and goals. All nice things to dabble with in the offseason. He is young and he can afford to enjoy a few days at a baseball field.

Let’s just keep this in perspective. The Rangers can print all the Wilson jersey they want with No.3 on the back. Texas can get away with using Wilson as a short-term marketing gimmick for one basic reason.

He agreed to show up.

Granted, he probably won’t stick around long. He’ll do some stretching, participate in a few drills, field a few grounders, sign some autographs, catch some rays and then…get back to work.

At his real job.

Enjoy the opportunity, Mr. Wilson. Just don’t lead those folks on too much.

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  • chamboknows

    terrible- just terrible article

    • Todd Pheifer

      I’m sorry that you did not enjoy the article, chamboknows. Can you be more specific on what was lacking?

      • chamboknows

        OK.. first of all it wasn’t a marketing gimmick.
        The Ranger’s spent the 12 grand it cost to draft him because they wanted to be associated with, and have as a part of their organization, a young smart talented athlete who embodies preparation, effort, and desire. The Jersey sales will be a drop in the bucket compared to the message given from Wilson to the team about what it takes to achieve your goals and from the organization to everyone who is a part of it about what it means to be a Ranger

        • Todd Pheifer

          Like I said, I don’t have any problem with the Rangers or Wilson doing this. As you stated, $12K isn’t a lot of cash and Wilson was willing to come out to Arizona. I’ll buy that Wilson can have a positive impact on any organization, but I can’t help but feel like this is going to be a very temporary and limited amount of influence. I don’t know if I see the organization collectively being encouraged and reinvigorated in August because Wilson had a few meaningful workouts and upbeat comments in March. Good dialogue, chamboknows! Thanks for commenting.

  • RichmondNick

    I will answer for him/her: thought, originality or any information.

    • Todd Pheifer

      Thank you for the feedback, RichmondNick. We appreciate the honest comments.