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Seattle Mariners Rumors: Team Is Sending Mixed Signals

The Seattle Mariners are ready to make more deals. Unless they aren’t. Confused?

First it was Robinson Cano. Then, Corey Hart and Logan Morrison. After that, there were (are) ongoing rumors about Nelson Cruz, David Price, Matt Kemp and Ervin Santana. Spend, spend, spend. Big trades, mega-deals. It will just be a matter of time before the next press conference is called.

Or, perhaps the Mariners are done. At least, that seems to be the news out of Seattle at the moment.

What? The hype shifted that quickly? The Mariners went from having plenty of cable money to being done spending for the holidays?

This is difficult to follow.

Why do I get the feeling that the Mariners woke up the day after signing Robinson Cano and said, “What have we done?!?” Why do I also get the feeling that the M’s are hesitant about “going for it?” Obviously you can understand the hesitancy. This is why the David Price trade rumors are potentially problematic. If you make that kind of deal, you are creating a very short-term window for producing a winner on the field.

For a moment, we need to step back. The rumors are not necessarily generated by the club. If you look at the moves that have been made, Cano is really the only risk, and not for a few years. Hart, Morrison and the re-signing of Franklin Gutierrez are all low-risk, high reward transactions.

Very suited to the Mariners’ style over the last few seasons.

There may be a lot of cable money, but we must remember that the Mariners do not exactly have a singular owner that is focused on winning. Does Nintendo care more about winning or profitability? I think we all know the probable answer to that question.

The Cano move indicates that the Mariners are “serious” about winning, even if they aren’t. However, the rest of the moves suggest that Seattle is still hoping that their youngsters and affordable veterans will fill out the roster in such a way that the team is somehow able to be competitive with a lot of extra payroll.

So, are the Mariners done? They very well could be. We won’t know until some of the other dominos start to fall.

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  • rkris

    My cynicism continues to indicate to me that the Cano move was designed to bring people to the stadium this season. A new marketing tool to get butts in seats at SafeCo and dollars in concession tills. A David Price signing wouldn’t convince me that they’re serious, either. We have two of the best pitchers in the league in Felix and Iwakuma, what appears to be a rising star in Taijuan Walker, and more arms in the minors that will be ready to fill out the back end of a rotation in the next few years. What we don’t have, is another bat to go along with the one that Cano brought with him. Who’s protecting Cano in that lineup? Morrison or Hart might turn out to be solid bats in the order, but that has yet to be seen. Gutierrez might play a few days a week, or he might not. It’s impossible to predict health, but his track record would suggest that he’s not a reliable player. So who’s left? Smoak? Ackley? Franklin? I like all of those players and think they have a solid upside, but once again we’re rolling the dice and *hoping* that they have breakout seasons. Hope, it’s been famously said, is not a plan. I’m not convinced that the Mariners have a plan. It appears that they’re hoping for success, not planning for it. Should they find away to get a complementary hitter with a track record of success in to SafeCo field, I’ll eat my words. And it seems so unlikely right now, that I’ll eat my hat too, while I’m at it. I do, however, *hope* that they do it.

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    • Todd Pheifer

      I suspect that your feeling about Cano is shared by a number of people around the Pacific Northwest. It will take wins for the fans to come back, not an overpaid drawing card. You are quite correct that Cano is not going to get it done unless he has some protection. Right now, Hart may be the closest thing to a protective bat, but there are no guarantees that he will be healthy.