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Seattle Seahawks: Percy Harvin May Be Doubtful All Season

The Seattle Seahawks have a difficult two-game stretch coming up, and it starts with a compelling matchup against the 9-2 New Orleans Saints. Unfortunately, it appears that Percy Harvin may not make an appearance as the dynamic receiver has been listed as doubtful for the game on Monday Night Football.

Why do I have a feeling that this may be a consistent theme for the rest of the year?

Harvin was exciting to watch in his first game back against the Minnesota Vikings, but apparently he overdid it and now his problematic hip is giving him some issues. Truthfully, this should not be a major surprise.

Sometimes we forget that these amazing athletes who perform incredible feats on the gridiron are still very much human. We expect a guy to have major hip surgery and then quickly get back to his job of getting crushed by linebackers and defensive backs.

This may just be a minor setback, and perhaps Pete Carroll and the Seahawks are just being a bit cautious. After all, the Seahawks need Harvin back for the playoffs. The game against the Saints is big, as it may determine home field advantage during the postseason.

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What is more important? Having Harvin for the playoffs or securing games at CenturyLink Field? Given the fact that the Seahawks have gotten this far without Harvin, it might be better to ensure that games are at the Clink.

This isn’t to say that the ‘Hawks should push Harvin and go for broke against Drew Brees and the Saints. The Saints are a great team, but Seattle should be able to beat them even without the electric Harvin.

Without Sidney Rice and Harvin, I suppose you could argue that the Seahawks are “thin” at wide receiver. However, Russell Wilson has done just fine with Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Zach Miller.

Besides, the key to winning this game will be about slowing down Brees and the Saints air attack. Now that Walter Thurmond will be gone for four games, the ‘Hawks will need to step up their pass coverage. If the Seahawks can keep pressure on Brees, Marshawn Lynch should be able to take care of the rest.

Hopefully Harvin will be able to get back on the field soon. It would certainly be nice to have him against the San Francisco 49ers on December 8.

If Harvin keeps having issues, the word “doubtful” could be a weekly occurrence.

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  • skeletony

    This is going to turn out to be one of our worst trades we ever made I am now thinking. It looks like he may be able to play, at best a few plays every season. I think he is really trying and hoping, like Terrell Davis in Denver, to get back on the field but it seems his injuries are too severe.

    • briwas101

      When we made the trade for Harvin i said it would be the worst move of the offseason for the entire NFL, and that it had a good chance of being the worst trade IN NFL HISTORY.

      Other Hawks fans were saying, “YAY WE GOT HARVIN”

      I was saying, “BOOO we’re going to pay him $12m per season to be injured.”

      Other seahawks fans said i was a loser fan who doesn’t know anything, and that Harvin would dominate.

      Im sure those same fans will say, “Its not like anyone predicted this would happen.”


      Percy Harvin sucks and he needs to retire

      • Tony L. Castleberry

        You deserve crap because your predictions suck and you rely on an almost bipolar emotional state rather than using reason.

        • briwas101

          I don’t use reason? Pull your head out you dumb POS.

          Fact 1: Percy has never had a season worth $11.2m.

          Fact 2: injury-prone players keep getting injured

          Fact 3: we never win in trades/signings with Vikings. We lost Hutch, we stupidly got Rice frok them, we outbid the vikings for Housh instead of letting them have him, and then Harvin to make it even worse.

          I use logic unlike retarded fans like you. You probably supported EVERY bad move by the Hawks, unlike me who sees bad moves from a mile away.

          The Percy Harvin trade was a disaster from day 1 and no amount of denial changes that.

          We are paying $11m+ for a player who is only worth $1m

          • Tony L. Castleberry

            Your ‘facts’, in order:

            Fact 1: is your subjective opinion and nothing more. Calling opinions “facts” does not change this.

            Fact 2: This is preposterously vague and subjective. You seem to define “injury prone” as anyone who has missed a significant amount of playing time at any point in their careers due to injury while giving no credence to the possibility of them having productive years after doing so. In your view Fred Taylor never helped New England win after he left Jacksonville, which is absurd.

            Fact 3: This is a collection of fictions from you. For starters we lost Hutchinson because the Vikings exploited a loophole which Holmgren and Co. did not foresee (there was a LOT Holmgren did not foresee in his time here…). Rice was a pretty good WR for us and helped us win a lot of games. We cut him now because he is no longer worth what it would take to keep him. We outbid the entire NFL for Houshmansada (spelling?) but to be fair few people really saw him being such a letdown as a WR and we weren’t the only team to make this mistake. And Harvin we still have to see what he does beyond helping us to win a Super Bowl so the jury is still out on that one.

        • briwas101

          Also, bi-polar is a description for people who go from happy ro sad and back.

          I just go from 100% correct to 110% correct and then back.

          The word you were looking for is genius. I am a genius because I am better at making personnel decisions than John Schneider.

          • Tony L. Castleberry

            And here the correct term to apply to your views would be ‘Delusions of grandeur’.

    • briwas101

      In a different article about Harvin you told me to chill out, and asked if Harvin stole my gf or something like that.

      Yet here you are talking about how it may be one of our worst trades ever.


      This trade will not only be the worst trade in Seahawks history but it will be the worst trade in NFL history.

      Harvin isn’t even worth $1 per year and we are paying him an average of over $11m

      • Tony L. Castleberry

        I told you to chill out because of your frothing hatred! You were all but blaming Harvin for the Holocaust! Harvin is injured. He’s not robbing or raping anyone.

        • briwas101

          I was all but blaming him for the holocaust?

          Are you an idiot? Of course you are.

          I have been pointing out THE WORST TRADE IN NFL HISTORY.

          I’m not mad at Harvin. He showed in Minnesota that he is a loser on the field and off the field.

          Im mad at Pete Carroll and John Schneider for making the worst trade in nfl history and tbinking it would actually work out.

          Im mad at the people who said I was stupid when I told them Harvin would just sit on the bench and do nothing.

          Im mad that the team hurt itself by making the worst trade in NFL HISTORY.

          Im not mad at Percy for being Percy.

          But next time try not to be a total POS RETARD with the gf or holocaust comments.

          The nfl has been around for how many years? The hawks made the worst trade in nfl history!

          If you think its wrong to get upset about THE WORST TRADE IN NFL HISTORY then you have no right to ever get upset about anything in seattle sports ever again.

          Percy harvin trade was the worst thing a seattle team has ever done, my anger is justified.

          • Tony L. Castleberry

            Dude, I understand being miffed when there are setbacks. I was guilty of that too above. But do you realize how much of a stretch it is to say this is the worst trade in NFL history?! Ever hear of Herschel Walker? Aging star runningback for Dallas was traded to the Vikings for Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, Michael Irvin and like 5 other players who became stars.

            We have to give him a little time guy. Sure it sucks that he got injured again and will miss most of this season but he had already proven to be one of the most dynamic players the NFL has seen in the last 5 or 6 years. If he gets back in the playoffs and finishes the season then he will be well worth everything we gave for him.

            Don’t be a douchebag. Your anger is silly and worthy of mocking which people will continue to do until you get a hold of yourself.