3 Key Players The Seahawks Couldn't Do Without

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Anytime you put together a successful team there are bound to be players that stand out as key components. I thought I would take this bye week to address three that come to mind. The Seahawks have been put together with care and thoughtfulness which means that each player is important. But with that care and thoughtfulness also came a desire to look to the future and draft/trade for high quality back ups that could step up and play. In a general sense we wouldn’t be the team we are without any of our starters…but there are a few players that set themselves apart and that is my topic today.

I chose three key players that would have severe ramifications to this team if they weren’t on the field playing. My criteria of a key player is boiled down to those players that couldn’t be replaced in ability, tenacity or game-changing qualities. The beauty of this list, with this team, is there are many combinations and different opinions of who is indispensable, but without further ado here is my list of our 3 most indispensable players in ascending order.

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#1: Richard Sherman. He is the outward reflection of the Seahawks inward personality. There is confidence on this team, confidence to know that they can win any game, in any given situation…no matter how dire the circumstances might seem. He personifies this quality…sometimes to the extreme. But we wouldn’t want him to play any other way. He is not the prototype cornerback, which may make coaches rethink the position. He plays with a chip on his shoulder, partly because he was drafted in the fifth round, which means teams passed him up…multiple times, and he wants to remind them that they passed on him. His intelligence distinguishes him from his counterparts, he studies tendencies and forces other teams to pay for those tendencies. He makes this list because when an opposing team has to consciously think about a player and how to neutralize him, especially in the secondary, that speaks volumes about that player. He may get beat from time to time, that is the nature of the cornerback position…but he won’t get beat twice because he will have learned from the first time.

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  • skeletony

    hard to argue with your list, but if I were to try then I would have to argue that Golden tate or Doug Baldwin belong there. In fact I do not see going with only three players is even feasible for this team. That may work fine for the Jaguars or Buccaneers or even several better teams…but it just cannot be sensibly done for the Seahawks. At minimum you need at least five essential players but I would make the list a top ten:

    1. Richard Sherman – Because he shuts down one half of the field form opposing passers/receivers.

    2. Marshawn Lynch – Because he is a rare combination of Mike Alstott and and Curt Warner.

    3. Russel Wilson – Because he’s OUR Tom Brady(also drafted too late), but far more mobile.

    4. Golden Tate – Because he exhibits the dynamic pass catching of a Chris Carter & physicality of Hines Ward

    5. Doug Baldwin – He is all about the highlight reel catches.

    6. Steven Haushka – Without him we would be looking at a wild card spot in teh playoffs, IF things went well…

    7. Earl Thomas – The embodiment of ‘Fast and hard hitting’.

    8. Red Bryant – Whether blocking field goals, stopping the run or making a QB’s life miserable, he is our man.

    9. Kam Chancellor – If Earl Thomas is Captain America then Kam is Luke Cage (comics nerds will get it).

    10. Bobby Wagner – Fast, young and hard- hitting. Notice a theme here…?

    • Hawkman54

      Kam is border line , He still needs to improve his pass coverage skills , A Bunch ( even though he looked good against Atlanta) But he is GREAT against the run !

      • skeletony

        Almost no one is equally good at all things. Kam has a different means of providing good pass coverage: he hits receivers so hard that they drop passes for the rest of the game, fearing his approach. Earl Thomas is a better all around safety to be sure but having both of these complimentary players in the backfield is devastating. I honestly cannot think of a safety I would trade kam for. In my mind we have the #1 and #2 safeties in the game.

  • D_Hawk

    As good as Sherman is, it is Earl Thomas that allows the corners to play the kind of game they play. If Seattle had to pick between those two going forward I believe Sherman would be playing elsewhere.

  • Hawkman54

    I second the vote for Earl Thomas and would have to make the list FOUR players the Hawks can’t do with out. Slide Marshawn to the fourth spot. As great as he has been and the tempo setter for toughness of the team , Replace Sweezy on the O-line ( because of his pass protection mainly , and it was proven last week , watch game rewind!) ( Plus Carp is getting better ) Then I think this team could quite easily get by with Turbo and Michaels . If any of the four had to go , BUT I would just as soon keep Marshawn ( for now) !