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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Gets Condoms for Protection

In what might end up being one of the best publicity stunts we’ve ever seen, NuVo condoms is sending its product to the quarterback that gets sacked the most in the previous week.

Although that distinction didn’t belong to Seahawks second year quarterback Russell Wilson, he and the entire offensive line will be getting plenty of other protection form the company.

NuVo distributed a press release earlier and part of it read like this”

Every week NüVo Condoms protects the NFL Quarterback who is sacked the most for the week. But this request cannot go unnoticed. It’s not everyday that your coach comes out and asks for better protection. (…)

Well, Coach Carroll, we have heard your call loud and clear. We are here to help in a big way. Not only is NüVo Condoms going to provide your Quarterback protection, we will also provide protection to your entire Offensive Line. We are sending a 1 week supply of “Protection” to keep this situation under control.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll did say that his star QB needed more protection and somebody out there was listening.


Last season Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers won the 2012 NuVo Protection Plan Award as he was sacked 51 times.

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  • King Charles

    Browner is the reason we lost he kept getting burnt by Ty Hilton he better step up his game

    • skeletony

      Can’t put it all on Browner. The entire defense was getting owned all day by the colts offense. And the bigger reason for us losing (and I said we were going to lose when we took that 12-0 lead early, for this reason) was that you cannot have 80% of your scoring drives/plays be for 3 pts. or less. If just two of those7(!!!) field goals had been TDs we would have won.

      • Paul Novak

        That is a big issue but Browner has been abused the past two weeks. He’s clearly the weak link of the Legion. He’s still a solid corner, but teams are targeting him more than Sherman and he’s not really playing well enough to make them stop.

        • skeletony

          Maybe…but I saw Browner get beat, Thurmond got beat, our D-line got beat by weak RBs (Richardson was overrated and D. Brown?!) and our safeties were getting owned as well. So it just seems to me that singling out Browner for the loss is like singling out Russel Wilson while ignoring the O-line’s issues and such.
          In any case the bigger issue for me is the very poor TD to FG ratio . If you are constantly taking FGs instead of TDs then the opponent only has to make half as many scoring drives to beat us if they are getting 7 pts. instead of 3.

          • Paul Novak

            Everyone gets beat now and again. It just happens to Browner more often.