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Seattle Reporter to 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh: ‘Quit Being a B—-’

The most heated rivalry in the NFL has had it’s moments, and here’s another one.

San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh and Seattle head coach Pete Carroll have had a history with one another since their days in the Pac 10. Harbaugh coaching at Stanford and Carroll manning the powerhouse that was USC.

The two found themselves as rival head coaches yet again. Carroll and Harbaugh now coach arguably the two most talented teams in the National Football League, the 49ers and Seahawks, respectively. Not only do the two face off against each other twice a season, being NFC West division rivals, but their playoff fates rest on each other as well. Winning the division is the surest way of gaining a birth into the 2013 playoffs.

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The Seahawks and 49ers are both in the positions to win the division title and hold home field advantage, at least in the first round, with the other likely earning the wild card spot and having to play throughout the playoffs on enemy fields. The two franchises are led by young QB’s, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, that are being asked to lead Super Bowl caliber teams in just their second (Wilson) and third (Kaepernick) year.

That being said, you can’t blame Jim Harbaugh for wanting to protect his prize QB from late hits and have referees keep an extra eye out for him since he’s a mobile guy and often runs the ball when the situation calls for it. The problem is, however, that the 49ers coach has a history of “bitching” about preferential treatment and not getting calls, yet he’s the one always asking the league for favors.

Seattle sports reporter Paul Silvi has a message for Harbaugh. (Apologies for the horrible quality, it’s all there is)

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Paul Silvie on Jim Harbaugh lmao!!!! #49ers #nfl #nfc

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  • loverpoint

    Were would rivalries be without the stupid commentary of the press. The press is always stirring up confrontations of any kind whether they be on a sporting field or a battle field. The press only cares that their confrontational remarks will stir something up whether they report the truth or not. As long as they get viewers they don’t care whose lives they destroy.

    • Paul Novak

      Who’s life is being “destroyed,” as you put it? While there are sites and other media outlets that generate controversy for the pure purposes of gaining traffic, this is not one of them. Only the opinions of the writers are stated here.

  • Ronald Rupert

    Mr. Rose: there is no need for him to apologize for anything, and why do you think he has to apologize for anything at all, all you are trying to do is
    stir things up and make the teams mad at each other, that’s just plain stupid.